”The next decade will most definitely reshape the telco industry. Appledore Research believe that billions are up for grabs.”

Most industry pundits will publish a piece on the most important trends for the new year. In reality we know that it always takes longer for a business model or technology advancement to impact the market. We decided this year to look out a decade to 2030. We look at the trends we think will have the most impact on the telco market. We also estimate on the their potential economic impact to help guide our readers on where to place their bets. A new decade is the appropriate time to take stock of where our industry is and the likely direction it will take over the coming decade.The key trends are: 5G and beyond; AI driven network; Automation; Any Party Exposure, Distributed Ledger; Digital Twin; Digital Service Economy; Dynamic Autonomic Services; Edge Cloud; Industrial Automation; Security Management; the Utility telco and Opensource.

The key trends, with their potential economic impact to telco, are laid out in the document. Our formula in each section is to outline the trend: what it is, how will it transform telecommunications in the next decade, indication of proof points in the market and specific use cases.

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Publication date: 29/01/2020
Number of pages: 26