With its in-depth experience and expertise of the telecom market, Appledore Research is also an ideal partner to help raise the credibility and impact of marketing programs in the sector.  Adding gravitas and insight, we provide you with an additional source of competitive advantage.

Our clear and uninterrupted focus on emerging cloud management, NFV, SDN, 5G, AI and analytics technologies, service innovation and best operational practice, means we’re able to support telecom companies in a wide range of pro-active marketing communications activities.  These include:

White papers

Still one of the best thought leadership tools the marketer has at his disposal, an authoritative white paper is the ideal means to explain your business’s viewpoints on a complex telecom industry issue.  We can write it for you.  What’s more, you can brand it and distribute it via the Appledore website too.

Case studies

A case study or ‘customer success story’ remains an invaluable marketing communications tool for demonstrating the real credibility and true standing of a telecom industry solution. Working with you and your customer we can write it for you.


An efficient way of reaching and educating a large international telecom industry audience on a complex issue, webinars are also great for raising brand awareness and boosting sales.  Working from research report findings and co-developed white papers, we can support your webinar as a co-presenter, adding our knowledge and expertise to strengthen your message delivery.

Competitive and ROI analyses

Using our 3D ROI methodology, Appledore works with clients to determine the true linkage between solution capability, effects on business process improvement and impact on business earnings.  A cross-company and customer activity, an Appledore 3D ROI analysis helps prioritize product roadmaps and improve sales engagement.

Speaker engagements

(Vendor subscription only service)

As a part of our Platinum and Diamond subscription packages, Appledore will co-present with clients at telecom industry events it is attending, working from the findings of recent research reports or co-developed white papers.  Events Appledore is available to speak at are shown in our event calendar.

Press support

(Vendor subscription only service)

As part of Appledore’s subscription packages, we will also provide clients with an independent voice for its press relations programs.  We will support your press briefing calls by referencing research report findings relevant to your business.

To find out more about Appledore’s marketing support service, call our USA office on +1 603 969 2125 or email info@appledoreresearch.com