5G - After the Technology Hype Fades - Preparing for Profitability

Industry stakeholders are still largely talking a technical vision of 5G. 5G must be economically proved, particularly in delivering value beyond connectivity. The report looks at the key factors in enabling 5G economic success, particularly the benefits of automation.

The report examines the current state of 5G, its current level of maturity, looking at the proposed 5G use cases, the economics of 5G, and the business opportunities from 5G.

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5G Primer - After the Technology Hype Fades - Preparing for Profitability

Primer that examines the current state of 5G, its current level of maturity, looking at the proposed 5G use cases, the economics of 5G, and the business opportunities from 5G.

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Accedian Skylight

In this profile we look at how Accedian is building an active assurance capability, aligned with modern cloud native networks. Appledore Research were briefed on Accedian in Barcelona at MWC 2022 and as part of our work on the IBM Cloud Pak and Cisco Crosswork Solution Profile.

“Accedian are aiming to move testing beyond troubleshooting, to become an active continuous part of network services” 

Active assurance provides a powerful technique to understand the status and performance of the network. It simulates a network flow using active agents across one or many link paths measuring latency, delay, and throughput for the data session. This provides the performance metrics necessary to confirm a consistent service level and to provide a high degree of confidence on actual data plane traffic performance. This technique is superior to older performance monitoring systems that poll, collect, and infer network performance characteristics. It is also essential to manage and monitor complex services such as network slicing that deliver customized service quality tunnels to individual users and applications.

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Achieving intent driven networks

In this outlook we profile 10 market leading suppliers in the journey toward intent based networks.

“If you don’t implement intent properly, you will constantly lag on automation, cost and agility.  It’s not a technology, it’s an operational necessity.”

Intent is critical because more than half of network opex can be drastically reduced through automation, and IT spend can be curtailed through simplified maintenance; yet this demands well-implemented intent.  Without intent, or with improper intent, these $ billions in savings will not be realized.  Success means a competitive cost structure, and therefore the ability to maintain, and even grow market share.  Failure means an inability to compete effectively with those that truly automate.  And yet, neither network operators nor suppliers have demonstrated a strong appreciation for the importance of intent – exemplified by early “Fat VM” instances of virtualized network functions.

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Affirmed Networks vProbeAffirmed Networks develops virtualized mobile core solutions. Its Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution features virtualized instances of 3GPP-compliant Serving GRPS Support Node (SGSN) and Mobile Entity Management (MME) functions to …, , November 14, 2016affirmed-networks|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
AI and Machine Learning Primer

The report is a primer on Machine Learning and AI, and forms a basis for understanding the opportunity in telecom and virtualization. It will form the basis for future research outlining operations, market progress and individual supplier’s advances.

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Amdocs - Policy in MANO

Supplier Profile covering Amdocs’ implementation of policy-driven orchestration in MANO. This accompanies “The role of Policy in the Telco Cloud”

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Amdocs Catalog

“Catalog was dull!  Amdocs’ aim is to make it exciting; enabling digital transformation”

Amdocs Catalog is a next generation enterprise catalog, providing a unified commerce, charging and service/resource catalog. It provides the catalog platform for all of Amdocs solutions. Amdocs Catalog is built and delivered as cloud-native microservices. It is designed as a stand-alone solution that can federate existing BSS and OSS catalog systems, both from Amdocs and third parties.

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Amdocs microservices based digital modernization

This report profiles Amdocs’ micro services based DigitalONE and CatalogONE products and the underlying Microservices360 platform on which they are based.

Note: an updated perspective on Amdocs Microservices360 and microservices strategy is now available here

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Amdocs Microservices360This updated 22-page in-depth research report on Amdocs Microservices360 offers a comprehensive view of Amdocs’ microservices strategy and its progress in realising it within its Customer Experience and BSS portfolio. …, , September 6, 202122amdocs|solution-profiles|technology|vendor|report-type|topic
Amdocs Network Cloud Service OrchestratorAmdocs provides a dedicated VNF Manager (Amdocs Network Control Manager) for Amdocs network control VNFs, including vPCRF. Catalog Policy Driven approach linking the network to the business. Leader in PCRF …, , March 22, 201612amdocs|solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|vendor|report-type|topic
Amdocs NFV SD-WAN Management Solution

This document profiles amdocs’ NFV SD-WAN Package Solution, which is amdocs’ Management offering (OSS, Orchestration), in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.   This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

The document looks at amdocs’ SDWAN Management features, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

Two version are provided: A “Full” detailed version and a “Short” marketing version.

, , , January 31, 201922amdocs|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vendor|topic|report-type
Amdocs Open RANThis 14-page in-depth research report offers a comprehensive view of Amdocs’ offerings in Open RAN. This research is likely to be of most relevance to mobile communications service providers (CSPs) …, , March 29, 202114open-ran|amdocs|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Amdocs Policy and Charging Control Solution for “Policy in the Telco Cloud”In the area of service and network monetization, Amdocs is evolving its Charging and Policy (PCRF) assets to allow for more agile plan creation and to support more flexible services …, , March 22, 201617amdocs|solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|vendor|report-type|topic
Applying Real-Time Analytics in the Virtualized Mobile Core Network

This paper looks at the changing technology, challenges and opportunities to perform data analytics in virtualized networks, and specifically looks at the case of the mobile EPC.

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Aria Networks

This document profiles Aria Networks in the context of Appledore Research Group’s framework report “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”.  It provides an in-depth look at Aria Networks’ products, and compares them to ARG’s best practices and Management Taxonomy.

, , November 3, 2016aria-networks|solution-profiles|optimization-engine|vendor|report-type|topic
Assuring Dynamic Services In The Hybrid Virtualized NetworkThis paper looks at the dramatic impact of virtualization, and of cross-domain services, on service assurance.  In particular it identifies the failings of existing methods, illustrates future necessary best practices, …, , February 22, 2017cenx|white-paper|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Assuring Service Quality in the Cloud and 5G Era

The paper evaluates an ideal service assurance solution architecture for operations in the cloud and 5G era and a comprehensive method for proactively pre-testing throughout full lifecycle management. The outcome of this approach will yield lower operational cost in different deployment models.

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Automated, Managed Security Market Forecast

Foundational changes are demanding new WAN networking realities and creating opportunity for CSPs.  The rise of public cloud; the rise of work-at-home, the rise of digital services and business, the importance of digital supply chain collaboration. Additionally, both the sophistication of and the consequences of security threats are vastly greater.

The net result is that enterprises are demanding end-to-end solutions, and telecom CSPs are best positioned to deliver those. In this forecast, we predict not only significant growth in the market for automated, managed security (rising to $17.6B in 2027) but also significant growth in CSPs’ share of that market – conditional on them raising their own game in automation.

We believe that success in security demands that CSPs provide it as an automated, managed service bundled with underlay and overlay transport.  We also believe that an effective, automated security offer drives additional transport segments – worth even more than the security itself.  This is a must-win market, and due to complexity, manual methods are not sufficient.

Our forecast looks at managed services for automated security across all six segments:

  • Managed SDWAN
  • Security Orchestration
  • Next Gen Firewalls as-a-Service
  • Native Cloud Security as-a-Service
  • DDoS Protection & Mitigation as-a-Service
  • Automated XDR as-a-Service

This forecast will be of particular interest to CSPs selling to enterprises, suppliers enabling CSPs with their enterprise growth plans.

Appledore top tier subscribers can access the report immediately in their Digital Lockers under Market Outlooks. For other inquiries please use the link below. 

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Automating Security

This landmark report provides a high level forecast and detailed analysis of a major new multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity for telecom in enterprise, network and cloud security. Across over 50 pages, Principal Analyst Grant Lenahan dissects the state of security, and explains why automation of security offers such a critical new growth vector, in particular for CSPs – though with important qualifiers: the telecom industry must think differently and build automation into the core of new service thinking.

The report outlines the many places automation must be applied, reducing the ambiguity in the term, and offers examples of where the industry is moving in this direction. The revenue opportunity is quantified with a breakdown into delivery component segments. We offers recommendations for success, to minimize complexity and cost, and to maximize market gains.

CSPs profiled include BT, Lumen, ngena and Spirent. Vendors profiles include Akamai, Ciena, Ericsson, IBM, Nokia and VMware.

While extremely valuable as a standalone resource, Automating Security develops themes and industry trends explored in our earlier Security in the Network Cloud. Scroll down to read the full Table of Contents.

Appledore top tier subscribers can access the report immediately in their Digital Lockers under Market Outlooks. For other inquiries please use the link below. 

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Automation in the Cloud Native Hybrid Network

This paper investigates the end-to-end challenges to automation, and suggests OSS and process methods that will lead to higher levels of automation.

, , February 21, 201818white-paper|closed-loop-automation|ibm|report-type|topic|vendor
Benchmarking Telco-as-a-Platform

In 2021, in Telco as a Platform (TaaP) Appledore looked at the opportunities for growth from the disaggregation of telecom networks. We introduced a set of guiding principles that operators can adopt to help accelerate service creation and generate consistent new revenue streams.

By adopting Appledore’s criteria and regularly evaluating progress, CSPs can accelerate their efforts of becoming the cloud and communications providers of choice in their markets.

Starting in Q4 2022, Appledore will interview operators representing the global CSP market (and their platform vendors) to establish a looking to benchmark CSP and vendor progress in achieving Telco as a Platform goals and sharing platform success stories with an annual Telco as a Platform Report Card. This Research Note explains the evaluation process and gives interested parties a way to participate in this research.

, September 16, 20228other-reports|research-note|report-type
Beyond OSS

OSS needs to change. It’s time for network operators to hit the productivity gym!

In this white paper we describe a modern, service-oriented management infrastructure, and specifically measure the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation portfolio and long-stated vision, against our documented recommendations for the future of OSS.

Much is at stake:

  • we estimate that automation can reduce the cost of many network operations by 95-99%;
  • that service demand intervals can fall by a similar percentage (weeks to minutes);
  • that by the latter half of this decade, the industry will be spending between $11B and $27B (median: $18B) annually on software to yield this automation.
  • many services are under competitive threat from public cloud vendors who have adopted these Sea Changes as part of their DNA and operate with a very low-cost structure.
, , , , , , August 4, 202014ciena|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic

This document profiles BT’s SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.

, , , , October 23, 201822sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|cisco|microsoft|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
CENX Active Assurance SoftwareThis solution profile is focused on CENX’s software as applied to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically active assurance and healing within MANO. It should be read …, , April 28, 201712cenx|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Ciena Blue Planet - Automation

This solution profile is focused on Ciena’s Blue Planet software as it applies to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically orchestration. It should be read in the context of “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”, ARG 2016.

, , May 8, 201713solution-profiles|ciena|closed-loop-automation|report-type|vendor|topic
Ciena Blue Planet Automation

This profile analyses the portfolio of Ciena’s Blue Planet division in the context of Appledore’s recommendations on successful closed loop automation.  Ciena Blue Planet’s focus is delivering intelligent automation software and solutions to CSPs and they have taken the important step of separating their software products business from their core optical networking business.

The new Blue Planet division is leading Ciena’s delivery of SDN software management and orchestration for NFV, WAN and Cloud. They are also moving toward intelligent closed loop network orchestration driven by AI/Machine Learning.

Blue Planet has four major software products that support its intelligent automation solution. These provide cross technology and vendor support:

  • Orchestration (both Multi-domain service and NFV-O);
  • Inventory
  • Analytics
  • Route optimization and Assurance (ROA) targeted at cross layer IP and optical network management and optimisation.
, , , , , October 7, 201924solution-profiles|ciena|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller - Benefits Analysis

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are demanding lowered CAPEX spend on networks, lowered OPEX spend on running and maintaining their networks and improved customer experience from their networks. The whitepaper is aimed at senior decision makers within a CSP. It looks at how Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller can automate the management of IP/Optical transport networks delivering quantitative benefits for all operators, be they mobile, fixed broadband or enterprise focused.

This report is FREE to download, courtesy of Cisco. However, your registration details will not be shared.

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Cisco NSO - AutomationThis solution profile is focused on Cisco’s NSO in conjunction with Cisco’s ESC – Elastic Services Controller as applied to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically MANO …, , April 28, 201711solution-profiles|cisco|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Cisco Policy for the Telco CloudCisco is moving well beyond its traditional position as a router and hardware vendor, to provide forward looking solutions to define (model, store logic and data), instantiate, monitor and manage …, , , March 22, 201620telco-cloud|solution-profiles|cisco|model-driven-definition|topic|report-type|vendor
Closed Loop Automation and the New Role of Assurance

(Major) Research Note discussing best practices for closed-loop automation in virtualized networks, with significant learning from control theory.  Emphasis on the new role of assurance and analytics, and how they integrate with a common orchestration method that is also used for fulfillment.  This paper ties together concepts from several ARG research streams.

, , , September 29, 2016research-note|closed-loop-automation|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks

Framework research on the topic of closed-loop automation in virtualized networks.  In this we learn from adjacent industries, control theory and derive best practices to simplify the journey to successful automation and reduce risks.

, , , , October 25, 2016market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|topic
Cloud Native in Telecom

Telecom may be virtualizing, but we are far from cloud -native and from achieving its operational promise.   An extensive primary-research effort looking at best practices and candid industry opinion from across leading CSPs, NEPs, disrupters and web-scale players. We begin with first principles, look at current practice, industry objectives, gaps and recommendations for success.

, , , May 7, 2018129market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|models-and-reference-data|model-driven-definition|report-type|topic
Covid 19 - Its impact on the telecommunications industry

“Covid-19 has induced global economic shock that will fundamentally change business activity and accelerate technology deployments at the edge of the network”

Covid-19 has massively disrupted businesses in a short period of time. In this market outlook we attempt to set the scene for how the disruption from Covid 19 will impact telecoms. We recognize that at this time everybody’s focus should be on keeping healthy, acting on clear factual information and ensuring that we have the basics of life. Telecoms will, for now, be a key enabler/foundation for all three of these. However, in the long term the current emergency is both a challenge and an opportunity to our industry. Our intent in producing this paper is to allow us to rise to the challenges and to maximize the opportunities

, , April 2, 2020205g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Critical Advances in Orchestration for Agility and Automation

This framework report documents the state of the art in orchestration – MANO and beyond — as of 2017. It surveys best practices in four critical areas, and the state of the art in implementation, looking across a wide range of CSPs and suppliers. It is part 1 of a two-part series.

, July 25, 2017119market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|report-type|topic
Deutsche Telekom SDWAN

This document profiles Deutsche Telekom’s SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.

, , , October 22, 201826sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|ngena|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Digital Collaboration and Ecosystems - Research Note

Summary of ARG’s major research on the market, economics and operations process needs for digital collaboration.

, May 20, 2016market-outlook|model-driven-definition|report-type|topic
Digital Twin, , June 18, 2020225g|other-reports|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Disaggregation for Growth: Telco-as-a-Platform

This report looks at the opportunity from the disaggregation of telecoms networks, using cloud native networks and network applications – what can loosely be characterized as “Telco as a Platform”. Telco as a Platform can provide the foundation for telcos to assemble and build services for a larger ecosystem, based on their core network capabilities. This can be as a value-added supplier of network-based services or as an efficient utility supplier of underlying network services. CSPs should not be ashamed of taking either position, both of which can be highly successful.

The report will be of interest to the COO, VP of business strategy and those tasked with new revenue generation in telcos. It will also be of interest to new telco players in highlighting potential niches for new services and business models. It will be of interest to telco vendors in positioning their services to support disaggregated telcos providing Telco as a Platform.

, July 29, 202136promoted-reports|market-outlook|report-lifecycle|report-type

New venue, new city, new dates – but was it plus ca change at Digital Transformation World 2022?

The TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World – the flagship convention for the telecom software industry for over twenty years – returned to an in-person event after a two-year Covid-enforced gap. Living up to the spirit of its transformation title, it has a new format, time of year and home venue for the next three years: Copenhagen’s Bella Centre.

The move could hardly be more apposite for the telecom software community: a shift away from familiar, yet brutally monolithic and ageing infrastructure: the Acropolis Center in Nice, long overdue substantial overhaul; cosmetic adjustments made over recent years failing to address its real problems.

Impressively, DTW 2022 attracted over 3,000 delegates to Copenhagen. But was it a case of plus ca change? Our Research Note looks at the themes and sentiments from across the event – keynote presentations and at the coal face with vendors and industry peers.

, September 27, 20229other-reports|research-note|report-type
Dynamic Inventory

The changing role of inventory in dynamic, online, virtualized/cloud networks.

This report looks into the role of inventory in dynamic, hybrid and cloud-based networks, and how inventory must be re-structured to facilitate the benefits of virtualization.

, February 22, 2017market-outlook|inventory|report-type|topic
Dynamic Networks, Real-Time Operations And The Need For Active Inventory

This paper lays the groundwork to fully understand the dramatic impact on operations that we believe will result from dynamic, virtualized (and hybrid) networks. It is intended as a faster-to-consume look at the specific topic of active inventory and live topology.

, , April 28, 2017amdocs|white-paper|inventory|vendor|report-type|topic
Edge Cloud- a new CSP business case

This report investigates the business case and the market potential for CSPs to capture some of the growing public cloud market with Edge Cloud (the optimum combination of access network and edge computing). In particular, it looks at the key differentiation that CSPs can achieve in, what is likely to be, a very competitive market.

Public cloud has transformed the IT world; with applications that would have traditionally been managed by an enterprise on-site now being hosted in the cloud. However, some applications cannot be moved to centralized public cloud for reasons of latency, mission criticality and backhaul network capacity/cost. Similarly, many exciting and innovative new use cases are stalled by the limitations of end devices and the latency and communication capacity/costs to the centralized cloud. This is the opportunity for Edge Cloud!

, , August 30, 2019165g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Ericsson Acquires Vonage: Ericsson's Enterprise Surprise

In November 2021, Ericsson surprised the market by announcing its acquisition of Vonage, one of the original disruptors in the business communications market. Appledore looks at what this development means for Ericsson and the wider market, and offers answers to the key questions: why Vonage? Why now? What’s next?

For more on our coverage of Ericsson (including free-to-view content), see here.

, , November 29, 20217research-note|report-type|ericsson|vendor
Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration

This document profiles Ericsson’s “Dynamic Orchestration” solution, in the context of Appledore Research Group’s  best practices for closed-loop automation, which are derived form our framework report “Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”.  It is a critical tool for those looking to plan simplicity into our automated future.

, , September 29, 201713solution-profiles|ericsson|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Ericsson Dynamic Service Manager

This document profiles Ericsson’s Dynamic Service Manager in the context of Appledore Research Group’s framework report ” The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”.  It provides an in-depth look at DSM, and compares it to ARG’s best practices and Management Taxonomy.

, , November 3, 2016solution-profiles|ericsson|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Ericsson Policy for the Telco CloudEricsson has an end-to-end vision of policy across domains, and an architecture driving its implementation called “COMPA” – Control, Orchestration, Management, Policy, Analytics. Specific solutions are available or being developed …, , , March 22, 201620telco-cloud|solution-profiles|ericsson|model-driven-definition|topic|report-type|vendor
Ericsson SD-WAN Management

This document profiles Ericsson’s Management Solution (OSS, Orchestration), for SD-WAN, based on the Ericsson Orchestration Suite.  It is profiled in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

The document looks at Ericsson’s SDWAN Management features, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

, , , April 25, 201930sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|ericsson|topic|report-type|vendor
EXFO OntologyOntology Systems (now part of EXFO) develops a real time network and service topology platform and toolset that is used for service and customer assurance applications. It is also used …, , November 14, 2016solution-profiles|exfo|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
EXFO XtractEXFO is a provider of test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and network solutions vendors in the global telecom industry. EXFO offers solutions for the …, , November 14, 2016solution-profiles|exfo|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

“Google Cloud for Telecom is so much more than just infrastructure.”

Along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google is the third hyperscaler to target telecom with a proposition based on cloud infrastructure. In this independent 14-page report, we provide an overview of Google Cloud Platform for Telecom, from its 2020 launch to the latest updates one year on. We look at Google Athos in a telecom context, and survey Google Cloud’s latest CSP and ISV partnerships.

, , , April 12, 2021145g|edge-cloud|google|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Growing Role of Platforms in Cyber Security - Eric Troup in a Defense PublicationWe present this paper as a resource to our readers.  On of the big operational transformations of NFV and the “telco cloud” is the transition of core capabilities – HA, …, , , April 13, 2017security|white-paper|optimization-engine|microsoft|topic|report-type|vendor
Home Wifi - Broadband weak link and business opportunity


The Covid-19 pandemic has created a rapid shift to distributed working, distributed schooling and intensive use of in-home entertainment. This traffic surge has strained networks, yes, but it has also done something that decades of advertising have not – brought the critical importance and value of broadband access to the forefront.  It has also revealed a common weak link: WiFi performance and coverage.  This is both a threat and an opportunity.

WiFi has been both a boon and a problem for CSPs. On the plus side it simplifies installation. On the minus side poor WiFi performance and limited coverage degrades performance and raises trouble costs. In the end it also hurts customers’ perceptions of their CSP and their broadband service. Similarly, it depresses potential revenues by suppressing demand for enhanced services.  CSPs have worsened this problem through “tight coupling” that ties them to old WiFi technology and their customers to these obsolete routers.  In almost no cases is modern mesh technology supported by CSP delivered WiFi.

, , May 11, 20208research-note|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Huawei Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN)Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN) is a Huawei initiative focused at enabling the efficient and automatic delivery and management of networks and services. ADN aims to deliver simplification, automation and intelligence …, , , , , August 25, 202020ai-ops|huawei|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|optimization-engine|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|vendor|report-type
IBM Cloud OrchestratorIBM is focusing on the higher level layers of the “Cloud Management stack”. This includes service catalogs and service workflow orchestration. IBM Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) is a IT process management …, , March 22, 201610solution-profiles|ibm|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
IBM Cognitive Network Operations

This document profile’s IBM’s portfolio in assurance and analytics, under its concept of “cognitive operations”.  The profile includes traditional product, as well as how IBM is augmenting them with leading edge AI/LM technology from Watson.

, , December 21, 201712solution-profiles|optimization-engine|ibm|report-type|topic|vendor
IBM Policy in the Telco CloudIBM does not have is own IBM-branded solutions for traditional 3GPP PCC (Policy and Charging Control) or its evolution into overall monetization of services, rather working as a solution integrator …, , , March 22, 201618telco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|ibm|topic|report-type|vendor
Industrial automation and 5G

In this market outlook we investigate, validate, qualify and size the 5G opportunity in Industrial Automation (IA), sometimes referred to as “the 4th Industrial Revolution” or “Industry 4.0”. Regardless of terminology, is the opportunity real? How big it is?  When it will happen? How it will happen?” The report is based on detailed interviews with CSPs, 5G vendors, other industry players and industry organizations., We size the market, drill into various segments, and lay out the critical points that CSPs and 5G vendors must understand and address in order to succeed.  We also discuss factors that will drive adoption in various sectors and geographies, providing guidance for how to successfully identify and target opportunities

, , , , July 3, 2020425g|edge-cloud|promoted-reports|iot|market-outlook|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN

This in-depth document profiles Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.  We cover infovista’s technology, features, relative positioning, market evidence / success and also how they integrate into the broader operational environment to support automation.

This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

Document is 20 pages long with features, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

, , , September 18, 201920infovista|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vendor|topic|report-type
Inventory in Virtualized Software Enabled NetworksThis paper considers the continued importance of inventory in supporting CSPs in managing increasingly dynamic and virtualized software-enabled networks.  It builds on work in “Dynamic Inventory”, Appledore’s 2017 Framework report. …, , January 17, 201828ciena|white-paper|inventory|vendor|report-type|topic
Leading Suppliers in the Software Automation Market

Global expenditures in the telecommunications market for operational and capital investments is forecasted at USD 1.68 Trillion in 2025. The automation software market is forecasted to account for 1% or USD 16.5 Billion in 2025. As CSPs enter the technology upgrade cycle for 5G and virtualization of the infrastructure, investment distribution will shift from legacy OSS and BSS market products. Newer modern software will be deployed that is capable of managing more dynamic workloads across a distributed infrastructure. Many of the existing work flow processes and supporting service fulfilment and assurance systems are not designed to support the new technology and services that will be delivered to consumers. Automation of the software-controlled network will drive the reallocation of investments from traditional OSS and BSS systems towards the emerging automation software market.

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , April 15, 201934amdocs|global-forecast|sd-wan-sdn|vendor|cenx|catalog-and-composition|ciena|closed-loop-automation|cisco|inventory|ericsson|exfo|ibm|policy-driven-orchestration|microsoft|rapid-automated-service-assurance|oracle|netcracker|nokia|spirent|report-type|topic
Low Risk Path to Agility

This document focuses on how catalog driven DevOps principles can achieve a high degree of re-use, cost reduction, and agility.  It further demonstrates that this approach complements the industry shift to virtualization and advanced orchestration, and provides a low-risk, gradual path toward agility.

, , June 12, 201817white-paper|model-driven-definition|sigma-systems|report-type|topic|vendor
Machine Learning - Application in Telecommunication networks to improve anomaly detection

Machine learning promises to solve complex problems in the telecommunication operational domain much faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy than the best human domain experts could ever hope to achieve. Machine learning applied correctly has the potential to predict, identify, and quickly isolate anomalies yielding positive business outcomes. This is possible now because of high quality data sets, advances in compute processing, and teaming telco domain experts with data scientist to develop robust machine learning algorithms. The best way to think about machine learning is that it minimizes a cost function such as reducing an error rate. Said another way it processes millions of data sets, searches for patterns, and the results have a higher rate of accuracy compared to traditional methods.

, , September 23, 20198federos|white-paper|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Managing the Telco Cloud: NFV and SDN role in the Existing OSS DomainThe report specifically addresses the relationship between service creation, management and orchestration, and resource control in the NFV and SDN domains. We bring some clarity to the role and relationships …, , March 22, 201667telco-cloud|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
MANO Supplier Scorecard: Top Picks for 2015This report provides an independent assessment of current MANO solutions in the market. It is complemented with profiles of each of the suppliers. We evaluated 12 leading suppliers in the …, March 22, 201667market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|topic
Market Forecast: Network Automation Software (NAS) 2022-2027

In the era of cloud, disaggregation and rising complexity, Network Automation Software is an increasingly critical category of spend for telcos. In this forecast, we put hard numbers on just how much telcos will invest in the new generation of software to help them scale their operations and unlock new revenues from the likes of private networks, dynamic enterprise services and security.

This landmark report is an essential reference for CSPs, as well as traditional and non-traditional telecom software vendors. It provides individual forecasts, supporting analysis and commentary across the six segments that make up the Network Automation Software market:

  • Domain Management
  • Distributed Cloud Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • AIOps
  • Cross-Domain Service Orchestration (CDSO)
  • Network Data Management (NDM)
  • Component Lifecycle Management (LCM)

Scroll down to see the complete table of contents and figures in this comprehensive report.

, , May 2, 202235promoted-reports|report-type|global-forecast|report-lifecycle
Market Outlook: AIOps in Telecom Operations

AIOps is the innovation platform to improve network availability, capital efficiency, and counter cyber-attacks in cloud networks. However, the telecommunication market has been very slow to embrace the automation of operations, relative to other industries. This unwillingness to restructure operations to take advantage of low-cost machine intelligence has had a direct impact on the financial performance of CSPs.

This report focuses on the predominant use cases in the telecommunications industry. We evaluate the supply and demand side economic drivers. We also consider the broader secular trends impacting the market for AIOps investments including future labor force declines. As with most fast-growing early-stage market segments business models and the ecosystem will adapt quickly prior to maturation. We profile some of the leading suppliers and identify new entrants from the larger ecosystem.

Scroll down for the full Table of Contents.

, , February 21, 202224ai-ops|report-type|market-outlook|topic
Market Outlook: End-to-end Service Orchestration

End-to-end, or cross-domain, Service Orchestration is a rapidly evolving market space. Indeed, the variety and capabilities of vendors in the market have expanded dramatically in just the past two years. At the same time, CSPs have had to learn a new set of concepts and to evolve their own thinking about what orchestration is, what it is for, and how it differs from earlier efforts to automate, co-ordinate and streamline operations. In this major new report, the result of hundreds of hours of in-depth conversations, we assess the state of the market and the most notable players within it.

This detailed report is essential reading for CSPs and vendors with an interest in cross-domain orchestration. Scroll down for the Table of Contents.

Vendors profiled include: Amdocs, Blue Planet, Cisco, Comarch, Ericsson, HPE, IBM, Inmanta, Itential, Juniper, Netcracker, Nokia, Oracle, Rakuten Symphony, VMware. 

, , , , , , , March 30, 2022605g|edge-cloud|promoted-reports|service-orchestration|report-type|sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-lifecycle
Market Outlook: Network Data Management

Network Data Management (NDM) is an essential segment within the Network Automation Software (NAS) market. We predict growth in spending on solutions in this category to rise to USD 1.7 billion in 2027. Yet this market is being contested by a ever-widening set of suppliers, including several large players from outside the conventional telecom vendor roster.

Over 20+ pages, this Market Outlook maps the significant shift in thinking (and practice) on data management in networks in recent years, and its relationship to today’s most fundamental concern for CSPs: automation. The report highlights the increasing importance of cloud and the influence of IT observability thinking in networks, and a dramatically different approach to inventory.

The report profiles a selection of diverse vendors whose offerings nonetheless incorporate the new principles for network data management and observability: Amdocs, Netscout and Nokia, Rakuten Symphony, Couchbase, Cloudera, Devo, Elastic, Splunk and Teradata.

Scroll down for the full Table of Contents.

, , , , , , April 28, 202221ai-ops|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|observability|continuous-improvement|report-type|market-outlook|topic|vendor
Microsoft Azure Applied To Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) And The Evolution To Digital ServicesThis paper looks at what azure is, how it maps to the needs of CSPs in the NFV and digital services spaces, and how it both maps to, and integrates …, , March 29, 201723white-paper|microsoft|technology|report-type|vendor|topic
Netcracker 12 and Hybrid Virtualization - A focus on End-2-End business cases and agile operations

Report on Netcracker 12 from analyst conference in Cannes May 2017

, , , June 1, 20174catalog-and-composition|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor
NetCracker Agile Virtualization Platform

This solution profile describes NetCracker’s solution in the context of achieving closed-loop automation, with a focus on MANO and NFV.  We use the best practices from ARG’s framework report, “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks” as a consistent yardstick to measure industry progress, and in this case, that of NEC/NetCracker.

, , February 13, 201711solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|netcracker|report-type|topic|vendor
Netcracker Business Cloud for SD-WAN

This document profiles Netcracker’s Management & Orchestration Solution for SD-WAN, based on the Netcracker Business Cloud.  This solution is Netcracker’s entry into the management of SD-WAN and related enterprise services (OSS, Orchestration), and is profiled in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

The document looks at Netcracker’s SDWAN Management features, problems solved, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

, , July 10, 201932sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor
NetCracker NFV/MANO SolutionNetCracker/NEC’s first NFV solutions are vEPC and vCPE, both high priorities for mobile and fixed operators respectively. NEC also offers a full SDN solution, including commercially available OpenFlowswitches and an …, , March 22, 201612solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|netcracker|report-type|topic|vendor
NetCracker Policy for the Telco CloudNetcracker is providing policy in the area of Telco Cloud. This report looks at how Netcracker solutions provide this capability., , , , , June 18, 201917telco-cloud|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor

This document profiles Netscout’s nGeniusONE and Carrier Solutions.

, , , June 7, 201914netscout-vendor|continuous-improvement|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|topic|report-type
Network Automation Software Forecast 2020 to 2025

Appledore Research forecast the growth of the Network Automation Software (NAS) market from 2020 to 2025, Appledore believe that the market for NAS will be driven by both growth from new markets and existing market substitution:

  1. Increase in CSP CAPEX spend on Virtualized/Cloud networks substituting for physical networks including 5G.
  2. Substitution of existing OSS/BSS technology with NAS as Virtualized/Cloud Networks are deployed
  3. New opportunities from the growth of private enterprise networks based on 4G/5G
  4. Growth in enterprise demand for WAN services from SD-WAN
  5. Growth in non telco applications and services hosted at the edge of the network, closely aligned with access networks.

This report follows our 2019 Leading Suppliers in the Automation Software Market report. Appledore Research categorized the network automation software market into eight market segments and estimated market share for each segment.

, , , , , , October 11, 2019345g|edge-cloud|global-forecast|sd-wan-sdn|inventory|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type
Network Automation Software Market Share

Who are the leading vendors in telecom network automation software? How have cloud, AI and virtualization impacted the market landscape, and vendor standings? How should vendors orient their offerings to be more forward-looking and appealing to a changed CSP buying agenda?

This new analysis of the telecom network automation software market provides market sizing and vendor market share estimates across multiple segments including:

  • Domain Management
  • Distributed Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • AIOps
  • Service Orchestration
  • Network Data Management
  • Lifecycle Management

This analysis includes a re-drawing of the NAS market landscape, providing vendors with a more modern picture to position their offerings within, and CSPs a new framework for driving procurements and orienting current and potential future vendors.

Vendors referenced include: Amdocs, AWS, Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, HPE, IBM RedHat, Juniper, Keysight, Microsoft Azure, Netcracker, Netscout, Nokia, Oracle, Rhode &Schwarz, Spirent, Splunk and VMware.

, , July 4, 202139promoted-reports|splunk|global-forecast|report-lifecycle|vendor|report-type
Network Edge Cloud Opportunity

In this report we calculate the potential opportunity for public network edge cloud; compute infrastructure that is deployed locally within a network and is publicly available for others to consume. We believe our approach is unique in focusing on the whole market opportunity for edge cloud, driven by customer business drivers, rather than on specific known use cases.


, , March 13, 202024edge-cloud|global-forecast|technology|topic|report-type
ngena SD-WAN

This in-depth document profiles ngena‘s SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.  We cover ngena’s technology, features, relative positioning, market evidence / success and also how they integrate into the broader operational environment to support automation.

This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

Document is 28 pages long with features, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

, , , September 27, 201928sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|ngena|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia (ALU) CloudBand-The platform for NFVALU (now NOKIA) has focused its energy squarely on the core of virtualization software, covering the key segments as defined by ETSI. The CloudBand Suite is comprised of two products …, , March 22, 201611solution-profiles|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Nokia (ALU) Policy for the Telco CloudALU’s PCRF deployments have migrated from being dominated by “solution sales” as part of an entire RAN or EPC, to solutions where ALU’s policy technology is being overlaid on existing …, , , March 22, 201619telco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
NOKIA Analyst Day – May, 2017

This document reports on Nokia analyst day 2017 in Nice France.

, , , June 1, 2017catalog-and-composition|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Deepfield

This document profiles Nokia Deepfield cloud and networks analytics platform.

, , , October 24, 201816continuous-improvement|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Deepfield - A New Approach to Network AnalyticsIn this report, Appledore profiles Nokia’s ‘Deepfield” analytics solution. Nokia Deepfield is a network and cloud focused “insight” and analytics platform, acquired by Nokia in 2017. It identifies, maps and …, , , , , August 31, 202020ai-ops|analytics|security|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia FP4 routing chipsetThis research note covers Nokia’s new FP4 routing chip-set, with information provided at their product launch. It describes the chip, the new routers it enables, backward compatibility and the new …, , June 19, 2017solution-profiles|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
NOKIA Network Services Platform (NSP)Solution profile covering Nokia’s NSP – Nokia’s WAN-SDN solution, with extensive support for diverse underlying equipment technologies and closed-loop automation., , June 22, 2017solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP)

This profile documents the intent, strategy, execution, and benefits of Nokia’s NSP solution.  In particular, we look at its fit in the context of ideal next-generation operation of the “telco cloud” and its ability to contribute to high degrees of automation, closed-loop operation and agility.  We compare NSP to Appledore’s published recommendations and to general practice in the industry.

, , , , , , , August 28, 201920sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Nuage Networks - SDWAN

[UPDATED MAY 2021] Nuage Networks is a business unit of Nokia and is one of the firms that originally commercialized SDN technology, initially for enterprise networking.  They have applied their SDN technology to enterprise datacenters/LANs, to NFV-I, and now to SD-WAN. With SD-WAN, Nuage primarily go to market via CSP partners.  In doing so they are showing synergies that benefit customers.

Unlike many others, Nuage is a purpose-built routing and networking platform, of which SD-WAN is one application.  This is important, because a) it puts Nuage in select company, and b) it means that Nuage supports all of the essential characteristics & benefit categories of SD-WAN, as Appledore define it.  Moreover, this means that they bring advanced routing and policy-driven security capabilities, and the ability to manage and secure across domains – potentially all the way from servers within an enterprise datacenter, through the WAN, into the public cloud, running natively, and even out to authorized mobile devices.  This end-to-end policy control and automation eliminates many potential performance and security holes.  Finally, it means that they can scale, both in software and in efficient traffic routing.

, , , May 29, 202024security|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia SaaS

In July 2022, Appledore was invited to attend an event cohosted by Nokia and the TM Forum on the topic of SaaS in Telecom. This was a good opportunity to hear from the leadership of a relatively new business line, as well as from multiple UK operators, on the topic of telecom SaaS. Nokia officially introduced Nokia SaaS to the market in November 2021.

This 6-page Research Note provides an introduction to Nokia SaaS and its positioning and significance for telecom CSPs, enterprises, and entrepreneurial developers.

July 18, 20226research-note|report-type
Nokia Telco Cloud SolutionNokia is following a cloud agnostic approach, and supports multiple VIMs and Hypervisor layer software, provided by partners. It has demonstrated interoperability VMWare, EXSi, KVM and Redhat OpenStack and HP …, , , March 22, 201612telco-cloud|solution-profiles|technology|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nuage and Asavie

Nuage and Asavie – Extending SDWAN to Mobile Devices

Appledore have argued that one of SDWAN’s great values is the automation of security, and therefore reducing or eliminating the most common vulnerabilities – configuration errors and therefore security holes, left by human error.  This new partnership greatly extends that security automation, to any edge devices connected to mobile networks, while simplifying the user experience.  At the same time, this strengthens Nuage’s offer, and increases the value proposition and revenues that CSPs can address with their managed SDWAN solutions (their “TAM”).

, , , May 15, 20208security|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Observability in the 5G Network

Assuring service performance and delivery in a modern cloud-native network requires more real-time data capture and analysis. It also demands a wider scan of the network infrastructure, as services no longer run in a single network domain but instead across many technology domains. The service chain itself could be hundreds of microservices distributed across multiple cloud providers. Observability is the knowledge of how multiple domains perform at any given time. Each of the network domain outputs is a credible source of understanding of how well the overall service is performing.

In this whitepaper, Appledore looks at how observability is critical to the successful delivery of 5G networks and how Netscout is enabling this.

, , , , , , , May 27, 202212netscout-vendor|5g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|network-data-management|observability|white-paper|vendor|topic|report-type
ONAP Market Impact

Analysis of ONAP, its status, potential impact on the marketplace, and recommendations for Service Provides and Suppliers.

, April 30, 201822market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|topic
Open RAN Leadership

Appledore believes the mobile telecom industry is on an open RAN trajectory. In this report, we look at the Open RAN leadership and the standards ecosystems that have already formed or are being formed. Ecosystems which, by definition, we believe will have greatest influence on the speed of transition to Open RAN. This report complements our analysis of the value of Open RAN for operators in our Open RAN Value Market Outlook.

, , , , April 12, 2021225g|promoted-reports|open-ran|research-note|technology|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
Open RAN Value

Open RAN seems to be defining the future trajectory for mobile networks. But CSPs and vendors still need to be clear and robust about where exactly the business benefits will lie in a disaggregated, open radio access network architecture. This 24-page report spells out the business rationale behind breaking out new interfaces within the RAN – and where CSPs will need to factor in additional areas of cost before they see overall benefits.

, , , April 12, 2021245g|open-ran|market-outlook|technology|topic|report-type
Oracle - Automation in MANO

This document provides an extensive profile of Oracle’s Service and Network Orchestration solution, with an emphasis on how it is designed to implement automation, especially closed-loop healing, scaling and optimization at scale.  It is the result of several in-depth briefings and significant analysis.

, , July 6, 201714solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|oracle|report-type|topic|vendor
Oracle in Telecom: A New Perspective

Despite Oracle already being one of the best-known brands in the world, we think that their last 2-3 years or so in the telecom space warrants a closer look. Something has been quietly going on in Oracle Communications, and how telecom regards it could be due a reboot.

This 8-page Research Note offers a new perspective on Oracle’s position in telecom, highlighting organizational and other developments that provide evidence of Oracle’s fresh new ambition – and heading – in telecom.

August 5, 20228research-note|report-type
Oracle Policy for the Telco CloudOracle has a single set of policy/rule technology that it adapts and applies to various domains (e.g.; traditional 3GPP PCRF vs. MANO). As in most of its products, Oracle separates …, , , March 22, 201616telco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|oracle|topic|report-type|vendor
Orchestrated Innovation: Inmanta

Service providers need extra sophistication to enhance their offerings to customers, but that the added complexity this brings tends to slow the rate at which they actually bring new offerings to market. In this 15-page paper, we explore the concept of “Orchestrated Innovation” as a way for CSPs to resolve this conflict, and profile a vendor that is realizing the concept with real-world deployments of its innovative platform: Inmanta.

Anyone with an interest in service orchestration, automation or innovation should read this paper for a new perspective on all three.

Note that this report is FREE to download, courtesy of Inmanta. However, your registration details will not be shared.

, , October 5, 202115promoted-reports|service-orchestration|white-paper|report-lifecycle|topic|report-type
Original NFV Concept White Paper from 2012 OpenFlow World CongressThis is placed on the site as a courtesy to our subscribers.  This is the original NFV concept paper, written by representatives from 13 CSPs at the 2012 SDN & …, , March 17, 2017white-paper|etsi|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Policy in the Telco Cloud Supplier Market AnalysisThis report surveys the State of the Art from the perspective of suppliers’ offerings. A.R.G. invited a wide range of suppliers including established NEPs and IT technology firms, to policy …, March 22, 2016113market-outlook|models-and-reference-data|report-type|topic
Preparing for Edge Cloud

Existing cloud economics is fundamentally based on maximizing multi-tenancy of compute, whilst minimizing the cost of that compute through operational scale.  Edge Cloud by definition cannot have the same levels of operational scale with many smaller compute capabilities. Edge Cloud as it becomes more localized also has less demand driving multi-tenancy. The added costs of edge cloud need to command a premium for latency and/or communication cost reduction that is not provided by existing public cloud.

In this market outlook, we focus on the underlying economics of edge cloud:

  • Why: reasons and cost model
  • Where: the options and economics of where will edge be deployed
  • Who: the possible players and their business models for edge
  • What: we focus on what is the total opportunity for edge (and avoid the “what are the specific use cases?” – we can’t know)

We outline our definitions and methodology for assessing the edge cloud marketplace. We also look at the key changes that are required to make the successful economic case for edge cloud to be closer to the enterprise or consumer. We believe our approach is unique in focusing on the whole market opportunity for edge cloud, rather than on specific known use cases.










, , December 11, 2019225g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Preparing Telecommunication Operations For Cloud Native Virtual Network FunctionsThis white paper provides a view of the multi-phased evolution from today’s operations to the structure necessary to reap the benefits from cloud-native networks and NFVs.  It is an essential …, , April 10, 2017white-paper|closed-loop-automation|vmware|report-type|topic|vendor
Rakuten Symphony End-to-End Service Assurance

Rakuten Symphony has rapidly established itself as a fully-fledged supplier to the global telecom industry, backing up its disruptive vision of cloud-native networks with the software required to plan, build and operate them at scale, automatically: Symworld. In September 2022, it unveiled its offering for end-to-end Service Assurance, together with data points from several years of live operation at Rakuten Mobile.

In this profile, we assess what Symphony Service Assurance is, and how it makes possible some radical ideas about how to assure services – not only for cloud-native networks.

This profile is essential reading for:

  • CSPs with an interest in evolving their assurance to respond to new operational and customer challenges.
  • Suppliers in the service assurance market including fault management, performance management, configuration management.
  • Systems Integrators in network automation software (NAS)

Independently researched by Appledore analysts, this download is free, courtesy of Rakuten Symphony. Details used for download from the Appledore website will not be shared. 

, , , , , October 5, 2022135g|ai-ops|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|solution-profiles|inventory|topic|vendor|report-type
Rakuten Symphony Symops Cloud Observability

In this profile, we look at how one company, Rakuten Symphony, is building a new type of data platform, one that can support the movement of CSPs from physical networks to one fundamentally on the cloud.

“When you have to make real-time decisions, you need the information to be 100% correct and you want information to be live”

Observability in general is now a well-trodden path in hyperscale cloud. Observability in the context of a telecom-focused infrastructure is barely charted. By proving the observability framework at scale in Rakuten Mobile, Rakuten Symphony is in the vanguard of enabling this change in telcos.

Symworld Cloud Observability provides a cloud-enabled, cloud-neutral solution, for telemetry data management that is already proven in a Rakuten Mobile in Japan. Symworld Observability Framework is a critical part of the data infrastructure of the Symworld platform and provides a single environment for the consistent management of telemetry data from the Rakuten network cloud.

Independently researched by Appledore analysts, this download is free, courtesy of Rakuten Symphony. Details used for download from the Appledore website will not be shared. 

, , , , , June 6, 2022125g|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|observability|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|vendor|report-type
Rakuten Symphony's 1&1 Update

Squeezing in between TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World and MWC Las Vegas, Rakuten’s annual Optimism event might not have received the attention it deserved from the telecom community. But make no mistake: the update on Germany’s 1&1 offered important new insights on Rakuten Symphony’s progress in enabling telecom industry disruption beyond its native Japan.

In conversation with Symphony CEO Tareq Amin, Chief Revenue Officer Rabih Dabbousi, 1&1 CEO Michael Martin gave new details of 1&1’s progress and thinking on key aspects of its plans.

As well as highlighting achievements to date at 1&1, the discussion offered insights into industry-wide concerns including security and energy optimization.

, September 29, 20229other-reports|research-note|report-type
Rakuten Symworld Inventory

In this profile, we look at how Rakuten Symphony has built a new type of data platform, a platform with an inventory that can support the movement of CSPs from physical networks to fully cloud-native.

Symworld Inventory provides a cloud-enabled, cloud-neutral solution, for network topology that is already proven at Rakuten Mobile in Japan.

“Rakuten is putting a single inventory at the heart of every operational process”

Rakuten Symworld Inventory, part of the Symworld platform, is a modern inventory solution that supports the need of recording the physical state of the network and the ever-changing logical state of the network through time. However, unlike many current OSS today, in Symworld everything goes through a single common inventory. Inventory touches every module in the Symworld platform. This is a subtle, but significant change in the role of the inventory in OSS.

Independently researched by Appledore analysts, this download is free, courtesy of Rakuten Symphony. Details used for download from the Appledore website will not be shared. 

, , , , June 6, 2022125g|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|solution-profiles|inventory|topic|vendor|report-type
Rapid Automated Service Assurance

This is Appledore Research Group’s major “framework” report on automated, next-generation assurance. It complements “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks” and serves ad the foundation for many profiles and future documents.

, January 10, 2017market-outlook|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|topic
Real Time Analytics Applied to Telecommunication MarketThe report provides market data and analysis on the use of streaming analytics also known as real time intelligence and its use in improving the customer experience. Our findings suggest …, , March 22, 201662analytics|market-outlook|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type
Real-time network topology

In this updated paper, we look at the evolution of Oracle’s approach to the management of real time network topology.

Oracle has traditionally focused on inventory to support the order to cash fulfilment-centric processes. Now with its acquisition of Federos, it can provide an integrated inventory platform, capable of supporting fault to resolution assurance-centric processes, a stepping stone on the road to network autonomy. The Oracle inventory platform will provide a real-time federation of the network from existing management system data and data taken directly from devices.. This provides a foundation on which AI/ML assurance intelligence can be built, making it an enabler for the transformation of network assurance and analytics for a telco, an enterprise, or their customers.

CSPs require an evolutionary approach to adopting cloud native networks and their automated operational approach. Federation, the aggregation of existing data and systems, is a key enabler of an evolutionary approach to network transformation and automation. It allows CSPs, with existing multivendor networks and hybrid physical and virtual networks, to gain a single view of the network and forms the basis for Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) on top of the real world network.

This Appledore paper is free to download, courtesy of Oracle. Registration details will not be shared. 

, , , , May 31, 202210white-paper|closed-loop-automation|inventory|rapid-automated-service-assurance|oracle|report-type|topic|vendor
Redknee PCS Monetizing the Telco CloudRedknee’s core products (in the context of this report) are its PCRF/SPR and its Online Charging System (OCS), which are engineered as a pre-integrated system, but are also available independently …, , , March 22, 201618telco-cloud|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|redknee|topic|report-type|vendor
Research Note: A Better Architecture for DDoS

DDoS and other techniques to execute ransomware are on the rise, costing everyone from individuals to huge enterprises significant cost, inconvenience and lost revenues. For CSPs, the rise is stressing today’s cost equation. But Appledore believes that cyber security in general, and DDoS/ransomware protection in particular, still presents service providers with a large and realistic opportunity to grow and diversify revenues. This Research Note proposes an as-a-Service architecture for CSPs’ cybersecurity offerings.

In this 10+ page report, we offer a new and independent analysis of the increased threat from DDoS, and on how to address it. Our analysis references real world results shared recently by Nokia Deepfield and Nokia Bell Labs.

, , , , , August 2, 202113premium-reports|promoted-reports|security|research-note|report-type|nokia|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Research Note: Amdocs to Acquire MYCOM OSI

“Amdocs makes a smart buy in acquiring MYCOM OSI and catapults itself into the automated assurance market, giving it a viable path to network autonomy”- Patrick Kelly 

Amdocs announced on May 24, 2022, that it intends to acquire MYCOM OSI a private supplier of service assurance solutions for $188 Million in an all-cash deal.

Amdocs is sending a clear signal to the market that it intends to provide the full suite of solutions necessary to automate operations in telecommunication networks. With Mycom OSI, Amdocs gains credibility in the network and service assurance market. Mycom OSI also complements the broader solution focused on customer experience. 

In this 4-page Research Note, we look at the implications of this acquisition for CSPs and vendors alike. The report looks at the market impact on assurance vendors like Netscout, Infovista, TEOCO and Accedian. As well as the opportunities and challenges for full suite OSS competitors like Netcracker and Oracle.

, , , , , May 26, 20224ai-ops|analytics|research-note|amdocs|closed-loop-automation|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type|vendor
Research Note: Mobile Core as-a-Service

An understated contract award in late 2021 between two relatively low-profile companies could turn out to have much greater long-term significance for players in the mobile market, especially in the hot areas of enterprise private networks, 5G and telco as-a-service. This Research Note takes a closer look at the parties involved – Working Group Two and CKH IOD – and the differences between private networks offered on a managed service vs as-a-Service basis, and explains why better-known mobile players (operators and vendors alike) should take note of this quietly significant development.

, January 11, 20228research-note|report-type
Research Note: NEC Center of Excellence UK

“NEC is aiming to solve three fundamental challenges in the market today for Open RAN. Reduce complexity, validate performance, and provide carrier-grade stability” – Patrick Kelly 

Appledore Research visited the NEC Open RAN Center of Excellence in London on May 12, 2022. 

The London CoE is one of six NEC CoEs around the globe. The others are focused on Radio (in Japan, India, and the US) and IP & Transport networks (in Turkey and Brazil). As such, NEC’s CoE is no mere lab, but a genuine hub for global knowledge sharing, based on its active open RAN projects as well as supporting the market introduction of new offerings (or new partnerships). The team at the CoE is expanding rapidly and is currently home to around seventy-five staff. The CoE site is dedicated to supporting the full Open RAN lifecycle, from pre-release product testing all the way through to live, in production sites. 

In this 8-page Research Note, we look in detail at the NEC lab and NEC’s strong ambition to lead the validation of truly open disaggregated Open RAN solutions.

, , , , , May 26, 202285g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|nec|research-note|topic|vendor|report-type
Research Note: NWDAF

As 5G deployments take hold, NWDAF brings us closer to realizing a new era of automation and insights that the industry has been foreshadowing for the past decade. At the same time NWDAF will disrupt the classic service assurance market.

In this 6-page Research Note we look at what NWDAF is, and summarize the offerings from suppliers including Amdocs, Ericsson, Huawei, Guavus, InfoVista, NEC, Netscout, Nokia, Rakuten Symphony, Samsung, Sandvine, Spirent and Viavi. 

, , , , , , , April 11, 202265g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|huawei|open-ran|research-note|report-type|iot|topic|vendor
Research Note: Private Networks Snapshot

This Research Note reviews Arden Media’s Private Networks Forum event from May 2021, with Appledore commentary and analysis on themes and presentations from a range of companies including Altiostar, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Ford, Google Cloud, Mavenir, Radisys, Viavi and Vodafone.

, , May 26, 20218research-note|report-type|iot|topic
Research Note: Spectrum-as-a-Service

This Research Note provides an overview of the concept of spectrum-as-a-service, and a short profile of Federated Wireless, a leader in this field with a platform enabling novel commercial opportunities for telcos and other players such as neutral hosts and towercos.

, , , , , January 13, 202245g|edge-cloud|open-ran|research-note|report-type|iot|topic
Research Note: Swisscom's Enterprise Architecture Evolution

This profile of Swisscom shows how they have evolved their enterprise architecture successively through generations, ultimately establishing a modern framework for supporting a future as a digital services provider (DSP).

, April 28, 20215research-note|report-type
Research Note: TelecomTV's DSP Leaders Summit

“The industry should pat itself on the back for a job well done. However…” – Francis Haysom

TelecomTV’s annual Digital Service Providers (DSP) Leaders event gathers the great and the good from across the industry to talk turkey in a more intimate setting, but was the mood of self-congratulation shared? Appledore was there to join the discussion.

Subscription clients can access this research directly via their Digital Locker. For help or queries, contact us.

, , , , June 17, 202285g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|research-note|topic|report-type
Research Note: Vodafone Moves Assurance to the Cloud with Cardinality

“The deployment by Vodafone of Cardinality, on the Google Cloud Platform, is a significant industry development” – Francis Haysom

Appledore sat down with Prashant Kumar, CTO of, at Futurenet World in May 2022. We discussed their strategy and their recent successful deployment of a pan-European network performance platform at Vodafone on the Google Cloud Platform.

Subscription clients can access this research directly via their Digital Locker. For help or queries, contact us.

, , , June 22, 202285g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|research-note|topic|report-type
Research Note: Wind River Acquired by Aptiv

This Research Note provides initial analysis and commentary on the acquisition of Wind River by Aptiv.

, , , , , , January 12, 202245g|edge-cloud|open-ran|wind-river|research-note|report-type|iot|topic|vendor
SD-WAN Drives new CSP Enterprise Opportunity

This report covers the market for SD-WAN and its direction, with sizing, segments, leading suppliers, leading CSPs, and the trasnformational affect SD-WAN is likely to have on CSPs and how they operate their enterprise businesses. It is a must read for a wide range of industry professionals, and the first in a series Appledore will publish.

, , , January 14, 201996sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
SD-WAN for Enterprise

This is the 3rd “major” report in Appledore’s extensive coverage of SDWAN, and the evolution to the “Dynamic Enterprise Edge”. It is written from the perspective of how enterprises can leverage SD-WAN technology, how to evaluate SD-WAN technology, and SD-WAN MSP suppliers.   In particular, it takes a look at whether CSPs (“telcos”) are at a turning point and will be able to offer a library of on-demand “Dynamic Enterprise Edge” services – a promise which, if delivered upon, could be very valuable to enterprises large AND small.

We believe this to be the most complete, technically literate and meaningful document of its kind and should be a must read for enterprises and those selling to enterprises.


, , , August 22, 201945sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
SDWAN & The Enterprise Edge

SDWAN and the Enterprise Edge takes an up to date look at the dynamics in the SDWAN market. It includes market sizing and market share analysis for a range of vendors. Detailed profiles of leading operators and their SDWAN strategies are also included. The report calls out the continuing confusion in the market about what SDWAN is, and what it could and should be.

This report offers important insights to a wide range of industry professionals, including:

  • CSPs: SD-WAN product managers wanting to get a better handle on growth potential and areas for differentiation and product roadmap
  • CSPs: “Head of Enterprise Business” (or similar), who want to understand trends and potential particularly in regard to standalone SD-WAN for customers vs Managed Services offer
  • Product Managers at SD-WAN Technology vendors: looking for differentiation and feature growth opportunities.
  • Corp Strategy/Partnership teams at SD-WAN Technology vendors: to understand aligned vs non-aligned CSP partners.
  • “Systems Integrators” (and pure-play MSPs) – resellers of SD-WAN technology looking to understand changing competitive landscape (e.g. vs DIY, vs CSPs, vs webscale players or other)
, , , September 14, 202132promoted-reports|report-type|sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|report-lifecycle|topic
Security in the Network Cloud

Security of networks has always been a high priority for enterprise CIOs, and their telecom suppliers. But with the fundamental nature of telecom networks radically changing – more virtual, more dynamic, more “open” – are approaches to security keeping up? What are the implications of this radical change for enterprises, CSPs and vendors? Where are the security challenges, and the new opportunities?

This major new research report dives deep into network security, the market size and opportunities and future evolution. It also offers a new framework for understanding security in the context of network cloud, IoT and 5G.

This security research report will be of significant interest to:

CIOs and Heads of Security at Enterprises:

  • Understand the new security threats and requirements in a network cloud enviroment
  • Understand how SD-WAN, fiewalls, SASE, SANE and ID all fit together and can be simplified

Heads of Enterprise Products & Solutions, Head of Innovation at CSPs:

  • Gain up-to-date understanding of the opportunity for CSPs in enhancing network security for enterprises
  • Create and position compelling new value propositions

Heads of Marketing, Strategy, Product and Solutions in Suppliers of BSS, OSS, Telecom software:

  • Gain detailed understanding of the key opportunity for suppliers in supporting network providers in new, improved end-to-end security to enterprise
  • Understand the evolving competitive landscape in security and develop response strategies

Suppliers of security software

  • Gain an understanding of current fragmented security marketplace and possible disaggregation, the opportunities for automation and end to end management, and the ability to more flexibly apply existing security capabilities built into the network cloud

Companies referenced in this report include: Allot, Amazon Web Services, Asavie, Juniper, Microsoft Azure, Nokia Nuage, Telekom Austria, VMWare.

, , , , September 25, 2020promoted-reports|security|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|technology|report-lifecycle|topic|report-type
Service Assurance in a 5G Era

How is service assurance changed by the demands of 5G, with its service-based architecture, telco cloud context and emphasis on new kinds of distributed services?

This Appledore research note is free to download, courtesy of Rakuten Symphony. Download details (email address) will not be shared. 

, , September 30, 20229rakuten-symphony|other-reports|research-note|vendor|report-type
Service-Aware Silicon: Nokia FP5

The launch of Nokia’s FP5 highlights how carrier-grade IP routing is about more than raw power. In this short Research Note we look at what the FP5 silicon offers, and what it means for CSPs and other buyers of high-capacity IP networking equipment.

Appledore subscribers will find this Research Note already in their Digital Lockers – log in for access.

October 6, 20213research-note|report-type
Solution Profile: Amdocs in Cross Domain Service Orchestration

“Amdocs has made dramatic changes to its forward-looking product line, branded Amdocs Intelligent Networking Suite.” – Grant Lenahan

Amdocs needs no introduction. Synonymous with telecom software, its engagements span the globe and the industry.

Based on an extensive detailed technical questionnaire, presentations, and many hours of robust discussion this 12-page report takes a deep dive on Amdocs’ End-to-End Service & Network Orchestration offering for cross-domain service orchestration (CDSO). The report includes a SWOT analysis making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

This report is FREE to download, courtesy of Amdocs. Registration details will only be used to deliver the download, and are not shared with any third party. 

Subscription clients can access this research directly via their Digital Locker. For help or queries, contact us.

, , , June 29, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|amdocs|solution-profiles|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Blue Planet MDSO

Blue Planet, a Ciena company, through a combination of acquisition and organic development has established a comprehensive orchestration offering under the “Multi-Domain Service Orchestration” banner. In this Solution Profile we look at MDSO in the context of our research on offerings, best practices and principles in cross-domain service orchestration.

The report includes a SWOT analysis, making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

, , , May 31, 202210service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|ciena|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Ericsson AIOps

Ericsson makes extensive use of AI across its offerings from products to managed services. In this profile, we look at Ericsson’s current footprint of AI-enabled engagements, and future strategy. We call out strengths and potential risks for Ericsson and its customers in the still-early shift to more intelligent, automated operations.

For more on our coverage of Ericsson (including free-to-view content), see here.

, , , January 27, 20227ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|ericsson|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Ericsson and Open RAN

This mini-profile summarises Ericsson’s involvement and interests in the Open RAN movement.

, , April 28, 20213open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Google Anthos

This profile provides an overview of Google Anthos, the software platform that Google hopes to make the Android of telecom network applications – a common environment that allows seamless deployment and lifecycle management for all telecom workloads, even the most demanding.

The profile includes a technical overview, looks at strategy, ecosystem & partnerships, key customer announcements, and provides a high level SWOT analysis of Anthos.

, , , March 31, 202285g|edge-cloud|google|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: HPE Service Director

HPE is a global telecom ISV as well as supplier of specialized network functions, primarily its HLR/HSS solution. In this profile we look at how HPE, with its Service Director product, addresses the needs of next-gen, cross-domain service orchestration. We look at how it works together with NFV Director, HPE’s “cloud manager” for cloud native workloads, to deliver automation and agile innovation, with a focus on consistent intent-based operations from the highest-level service, down to cloud-native workloads.

The report includes a SWOT analysis, making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

, , March 17, 202211service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|topic
Solution Profile: IBM Cloud Pak and Cisco Crosswork

Together, IBM and Cisco have demonstrated a complete end to end Orchestration solution with Service Orchestration (IBM Cloud Pak), transport Domain Orchestration (Cisco Crosswork) and performance management from Accedian. In this profile, we review the combined solution demonstration, and offer a brief SWOT analysis for service providers evaluating their options in delivering end to end orchestration of new services.

, , , , , , , , January 21, 202265g|analytics|open-ran|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|cisco|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation

iBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is an AI-powered, service orchestrator that enables automation of network operations with the help of advanced analytics, AI and ML. In this 9-page profile, we take a look at its key features, market impact and offer a SWOT analysis.

, , , , , , , April 5, 202295g|analytics|open-ran|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|cisco|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: IBM in Cross Domain Service Orchestration

“IBM has, in a very brief time, vaulted itself from a non-player to arguably a leader in cross-domain service orchestration.” – Grant Lenahan

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Network Automation (“CP4NA”) represents a significant shift in product strategy for IBM, moving them from being primarily an integrator in this space, to having an off-the-shelf telecom orchestration product. In this 12-page analysis, we take a deep dive on their offering, and how IBM is faring on fusing the speed and innovation of a startup with Big Blue’s traditional heft.

The report includes a SWOT analysis, making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

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, , , June 22, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Infovista Ativa

“Infovista is one of the last independent ISVs with its core portfolio in the service assurance market.” – Patrick Kelly

Infovista is a leading independent software vendor with a strong track record in the service assurance market. Beyond service assurance alone, it has a broad portfolio of solutions for network operators, focused on network planning & optimization; network testing & deployment; and service and experience assurance.

Launched in 2022, Ativa aims to combine operational tasks into a single holistic view of the entire network. In this 6-page profile Principal Analyst Patrick Kelly looks at Ativa and its significance within the Service Assurance market.

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, , , July 1, 20226infovista|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|vendor|topic
Solution Profile: Lumen

Lumen was created to be a pure business-to-business telecom service provider. But this is much more than a rebrand. Based on in-depth technical discussions with Lumen, we assess the reality of Lumen’s “platform for innovation” positioning. In particular, to what extent Lumen has redefined its offerings and proposition for cloud-savvy enterprises.

This report makes a valuable read for C-suite leadership at both technology vendors and “Fortune 500” enterprises, as well as technology and strategy leaders.  For marketing and sales, it provides a tangible look at the art of the possible, as opposed to the art of wishful thinking – which always manages to disappoint in the end.

For product managers and enterprise business unit leads at communications service providers (CSPs) it’s a detailed reference for how one operator is addressing the current and future needs of business customers. For Lumen customers and partners – an independent perspective on how credible its claims to be different really are.

For enterprise CIOs, it provides a timely view of the themes and trends that telecom operators believe are behind their evolving needs.

, , , , July 14, 202115premium-reports|promoted-reports|report-type|iot|solution-profiles|report-lifecycle|topic
Solution Profile: Mavenir Open RAN

“Strong capabilities and offerings… with credible evidence that their approach is an improvement on traditional approaches.” – Francis Haysom

Mavenir has been one of the champions of, and front runners in, the Open RAN movement. In this 8-page profile we look at the company, their impact to date in the open RAN market, and offer our own independent assessment of Mavenir’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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, , June 24, 20228open-ran|report-type|solution-profiles|topic
Solution Profile: Nearby Computing

The fact that Nearby Computing exists at all is evidence of how early stage the edge market is. This well-connected Spanish startup/spin-out has a particular take on what is needed to make telco-enabled edge applications work. With blue-chip backers and hedging its bets between a “spreading-out” telecom and “smartening-up” infrastucture companies, Nearby suggests that that “blurred” may be the new “laser-focused”.

Touching on edge infra, orchestration, 5G, Kubernetes and more, this short profile is a thought-provoking read.

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, , , , October 7, 202255g|edge-cloud|telco-cloud|report-type|solution-profiles|topic
Solution Profile: Netcracker in Cross Domain Service Orchestration

“Netcracker has a long history, and yet is entering a new phase with modern orchestration technology. ” – Grant Lenahan

Netcracker is one of the longest-established and most successful brands in the telecom software market. It has been investing significantly in R&D for orchestration over several years, and making progress with telco customers.

Based on an extensive detailed technical questionnaire, presentations, and many hours of robust discussion this 12-page report takes a deep dive on Netcracker’s cross-domain service orchestration (CDSO) offering. The report includes a SWOT analysis making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

This report is FREE to download, courtesy of Netcracker. Registration details will only be used to deliver the download, and are not shared with any third party. 

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, , , June 29, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|netcracker|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia and Open RAN

This mini-profile provides a summary analysis of Nokia’s involvement and positioning in Open RAN.

, , April 28, 20212open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Nokia AVA

Nokia AVA, unveiled in May 2021, comprises Nokia’s analytics, insights and AI/ML products, services and use cases. It offers AI-as-a-Service and taps the legendary expertise at Nokia Bell Labs. This profile provides an overview of the AVA portfolio and our perspective on its application witihin (and outside of) telecom operations in general and AIOps in particular.

For more on our coverage of Nokia (including free-to-view content), see here.

, , , February 4, 20225ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia Cross Domain Service Orchestration

Nokia has one of the largest and broadest NAS portfolios in the industry. Digital Operations Center is Nokia’s all-new entry into next-generation, cross-domain, service orchestration. In this 12-page analysis, Appledore takes a deep dive into its capabilities.

The report includes a SWOT analysis, making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

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, , , June 22, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia Digital Operations Center

With recent organisational changes, Nokia has moved further into what Appledore considers a “post-OSS” era. Nokia Digital Operations is the latest name for an enlarged portfolio of existing and new software assets. We put that in context, and take a look at the heart of the portfoltio: the aptly-named Nokia Digital Operations Center.

For more on our coverage of Nokia (including free-to-view content), see here.

, , , , , , , , February 4, 20225ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|closed-loop-automation|inventory|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Oracle in Cross Domain Service Orchestration

“Oracle’s Unified Orchestration is now part a broader Unified Operations suite aimed squarely at taking closed-loop operation from theory to reality.” – Grant Lenahan

Building on its established strengths in fulfilment and inventory, with the acquisition of Federos Oracle has a more explicit goal of “closing the loop” end-to-end. This is reflected in a broadened portfolio and capabilities, and some judicious re-branding.

Based on an extensive detailed technical questionnaire, presentations, and many hours of robust discussion this 16-page report takes a deep dive on Oracle’s Unified Orchestration offering for cross-domain service orchestration (CDSO). The report includes a SWOT analysis making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

Subscription clients can access this research directly via their Digital Locker. For help or queries, contact us.

, , , August 5, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|oracle|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Oracle Service & Network Orchestration

In this 24-page extended profile we take an in-depth look at Oracle’s Service and Network Orchestration (“SNO”) suite, which handles lifecycle management of both network-facing and customer-facing services, with an emphasis on multi-domain (cross domain) orchestration.  We drill into specific use cases that Oracle believes are particularly important, and in which they have invested. SNO, along with associated “OSS and BSS” fall within Oracle’s Communications Global Applications Business Unit (“CAGBU”).

We offer our assessment of SNO’s differentiators, and alignment to industry leading thinking on orchestration and automation. A SWOT analysis is included, and an overview of the multi-domain service orchestration landscape.

, , , , , , October 7, 202124premium-reports|promoted-reports|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|oracle|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Platform9

In this profile we look at how one company, now headed up by ex-Oracle Communications chief Bhaskar Gorti, is building the foundation for Cloud Operations-as-a-Service. In particular, how it is enabling a new way of thinking about how cloud is operated efficiently: enabling service agility and innovation, whilst taking away the complexity. All wrapped up in a distinct “as a service” approach that addresses the cloud operations skills shortage for all enterprises.

May contain references to muggles.

, February 3, 20227promoted-reports|solution-profiles|report-lifecycle|report-type
Solution Profile: Radisys and Open RAN

Radisys is a 1,000-strong telecom hardware, software and services company with longstanding involvement in Open RAN and its predecessors such as CORD. This short profile outlines the company’s position and potential in Open RAN, both as a sub-contracted vendor, and as a direct challenger in some segments of the market.

, , April 28, 20212open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Splunk

A solution profile of Splunk.

, , July 12, 20218splunk|other-reports|solution-profiles|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: Splunk (2022)

With a new CEO at the helm and a major pivot to SaaS under way, what are Splunk’s prospects in the telecom vertical? And how does it stack up against rival offerings from the likes of Elastic, Devo and others? What AI-based solutions in the telco market are reducing input cost and delivering economic value? This 8-page profile provides an up-to-date analysis.

, , April 19, 20228splunk|other-reports|solution-profiles|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: Subex AI/ML Capacity Management

It is a rare thing to be genuinely surprised by a vendor briefing, but Subex managed this with their recent briefing on their AI enabled Network Analytics solution. In this 14-page profile we offer an independent perspective on how Subex is applying its AI knowledge to network problem space, initially with a Capacity Management use case. This profile includes a SWOT analysis, and where we see Subex now playing within Appledore’s new taxonomy for Network Automation Software.

, , , , , October 20, 202114ai-ops|analytics|premium-reports|promoted-reports|report-type|solution-profiles|topic|report-lifecycle
Solution Profile: VMware in Cross Domain Service Orchestration

“VMware has transformed itself from a virtual machine infrastructure vendor into a cloud-native leader.” – Grant Lenahan

VMware “Telco Cloud Automation”, introduced within the last two years, builds on existing orchestration capabilities that VMware has developed to manage workloads and network services in cloud environments, both those that utilize its own virtualization/cloudification technology, and across clouds.

This 12-page report on VMware’s cross-domain service orchestration offering includes a SWOT analysis making it essential reading both for telcos considering end-to-end service orchestration offerings, and for other vendors looking to establish a distinct and competitive market position.

Subscription clients can access this research directly via their Digital Locker. For help or queries, contact us.

, , , June 24, 202212service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|vmware|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: VMware Telco Cloud Automation

VMware is a leader in multi-cloud virtualization; capable of delivering software that runs on many platforms and now managing it across those platforms. With VMware Telco Cloud Automation, VMware is seeking to build on its leadership in telecom multi-cloud infrastructure management, providing a complete automation capability that can deliver value added services on the Telco cloud. 

VMware believes that automation and orchestration is the only way telcos can contain complexity. Cloud simplifies, but without orchestration it makes networks more complex. VMware’s strategy with Telco Cloud Automation is to enable multi-vendor, multi cloud, multi-location networks, leveraging its familiarity as the virtualization layer in many of those clouds. 

, , , , , , , August 16, 202114premium-reports|promoted-reports|telco-cloud|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vmware|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Spirent Lifecycle Service Assurance

Spirent’s Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) solution suite provides network validation, service testing, and active service assurance. Spirent is a leading supplier to mobile CSPs and equipment suppliers with 55% of its revenue originating in Americas region. This profile provides key customers of Spirent, solutions in the service assurance domain, competitors, and our analysis of the company.

, , February 8, 20228solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|spirent|report-type|topic|vendor
Spirent NFV LSA

Spirent’s NFV Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) solution suite provides network validation, service testing, and active service assurance. Spirent is a leading supplier to mobile CSPs and equipment suppliers with 55% of its revenue originating in Americas region. This profile provides key customers of Spirent, solutions in the service assurance domain, competitors, and our analysis of the company.

, , February 21, 201814solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|spirent|report-type|topic|vendor
Talari SDWAN

This document profiles Talari Networks’ SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.

, , October 17, 201818sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|oracle|topic|report-type|vendor
Telco Cloud Orchestration Market Supplier Roundup

This is the May update of this “living document”.  If you purchased the original the update is free.

This report is part 2 of a series that looks at the evolution of Network Cloud Orchestration, by which we mean NFV-hybrid orchestration at all layers, supporting all core processes – including healing, scaling and capacity optimization.  We focus on achieving automation and cloud-native operations.
Part 2 Supplier Roundup It contains 20+ supplier mini profiles showing where suppliers play and how they are transforming in the four major areas outlined.  We suggest first reading Part 1.

This report will be “living” and updated as new information becomes available.  The current update is U3, April 2018.

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Telecom 2030 - Market forces that will reshape the telco of the future

”The next decade will most definitely reshape the telco industry. Appledore Research believe that billions are up for grabs.”

Most industry pundits will publish a piece on the most important trends for the new year. In reality we know that it always takes longer for a business model or technology advancement to impact the market. We decided this year to look out a decade to 2030. We look at the trends we think will have the most impact on the telco market. We also estimate on the their potential economic impact to help guide our readers on where to place their bets. A new decade is the appropriate time to take stock of where our industry is and the likely direction it will take over the coming decade.The key trends are: 5G and beyond; AI driven network; Automation; Any Party Exposure, Distributed Ledger; Digital Twin; Digital Service Economy; Dynamic Autonomic Services; Edge Cloud; Industrial Automation; Security Management; the Utility telco and Opensource.

The key trends, with their potential economic impact to telco, are laid out in the document. Our formula in each section is to outline the trend: what it is, how will it transform telecommunications in the next decade, indication of proof points in the market and specific use cases.

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Telecom 2030 - Market primer

”The next decade will most definitely reshape the telco industry. Appledore Research believe that billions are up for grabs.”

Most industry pundits will publish a piece on the most important trends for the new year. In reality we know that it always takes longer for a business model or technology advancement to impact the market. We decided this year to look out a decade to 2030. We look at the trends we think will have the most impact on the telco market. We also estimate on the their potential economic impact to help guide our readers on where to place their bets. A new decade is the appropriate time to take stock of where our industry is and the likely direction it will take over the coming decade.The key trends are: 5G and beyond; AI driven network; Automation; Any Party Exposure, Distributed Ledger; Digital Twin; Digital Service Economy; Dynamic Autonomic Services; Edge Cloud; Industrial Automation; Security Management; the Utility telco and Opensource.

This market primer is a short version of our full market outlook especially for MWC2020.

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Telecommunication Cloud Management Worldwide Forecast 2015 - 2025The worldwide Telecommunication Cloud Management market using ARG taxonomy is forecasted to grow from USD130 million in 2015 to USD7.4 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 50%. The telecommunication market …, March 22, 201641global-forecast|technology|report-type|topic
Test & Assurance in Cloud Networks

This report highlights the critical changes to conventional test and assurance that CSPs and vendors need to take on board, as networks increasingly move from hardware- to software-based.

Bottom line: the cloudification of the network will force most CSPs to assess current tools and processes to achieve the benefits of cloud scaling. Agile service delivery and assurance radically changes how services are tested and assured as workloads become more distributed. Workloads will move dynamically to support demand scaling in/out in shorter timeframes. This obviates the need for planned deployment of dedicated fixed monitoring points, and in fact makes it impossible to locate precise points of monitoring. Virtual probes will move with workloads at the edge closer to the UE and access points. Edge computing and the distribution of workloads will require more network visibility for service assurance and customer impact analysis.

This all adds up to a radical shift in the tooling and processes required to test and assure these new networks. This report maps out the key changes and assesses leading vendors in this vital space.

Publication Date: Feb 2021

Author: Patrick Kelly

Report Contents

  • How the Market is Evolving
  • Market Share and Forecast
  • Testing and validation still relevant in 5G and cloud but must be aligned to CI/CD
  • Device emulation and dynamic network supporting distributed workloads
  • Protocol stack and support of standards provides a defensible moat for suppliers. This requires continued investments in R&D and actively driving standards bodies
  • Applications and analytics drive new spending
  • Supplier Strategies including NetscoutSpirent, Keysight, Viavi, Rohde & Schwartz
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The Automated, Actively Assured Service Lifecycle

Automated assurance not only simplifies and reduces costs, but introduces far more advanced testing-like methods to your arsenal. The introduction of automated assurance demands new thinking. Automated assurance metrics and capabilities must be considered and pre-engineered when Cloudified Network Functions (CNFs) and services are designed; it must be built into network automation models; and it demands that automation be a single method across provisioning assurance and capacity management (as is a general best practice for any closed loop). Mostly it demands that we think differently about what is needed, what is possible, and how and when to consider assurance operations at scale. The answer is: early.

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The Economics of Virtualized NetworksVirtualization is an exciting technology that promises to transform networks, services (products) and operations in Telcos.  Yet we at ARG believe that success will derive from understanding “first principles” – …, August 11, 2016111market-outlook|technology|report-type|topic
The Economics of Virtualized Networks Overview

This document is intended as a companion to the Appledore Research Group (“ARG”) report, released in August 2016, “The Economics of Virtualized Networks”, which lays the groundwork to fully understand the business demands that underlie our subsequent work, beginning with “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”. It is intended as a faster-to-consume summary or first read for those who would benefit from the highlights of the report, but are pressed for time. Our intent is to summarize the essential findings of the report, without taking the reader though the useful, but time consuming supporting and explanatory information. Many readers may wish to later read or refer to the full report.

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The Need for Active Inventory in Dynamic Networks

This White Paper investigates the need for inventory to be “active” in emerging virtualized and hybrid networks. It derives needs from an actual service example, and suggests best practices.

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The Power of the AI Driven Telco

The Power of the AI Driven Telco – How Global CSPs use AI to improve business outcomes

Applying AI for improving prediction and business outcomes will transform decision making in most job functions of telecommunication operators in the next decade. AI tools used in the right context will improve customer care, network operations and planning, fraud detection, and personalized marketing.

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The Rise of Digital Collaboration & Ecosystems

A must-read for those trying to understand the opportunities in IoT, the “industrial internet” and related buzz-words.

In-depth analysis of the evolution of digital collaboration (the underlying platforms for much of the IoT), typically digital services based on APIs, from simple storefronts to collaborative ecosystems.  report covers market, evolution, needs, players, technology and presents a set of functional recommendations.  Highly relevant to those interested in TMForum Open Digital project.  Originally released Q2 2016, but as valid today as it was then.

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The Role of Policy in Hybrid Virtualized NetworksThis is the first in a series of reports by Appledore on policy. It covers an introduction to policy; its scope today; how and why it must change; the new …, March 22, 201676market-outlook|models-and-reference-data|report-type|topic
The Role of Policy in Virtualized Networks - Executive Summary

This is a Research Note version of the Major Market Assessment of the same name. It is in report format rather than PPT; and presents an executive summary, providing the key take-aways with less time invested. We encourage those truly interested to also read the original PPT format report.

This report looks at the market and technology needs that will impact the application of policy throughout virtualized networks, and also how policy and PCRF products are evolving and must evolve further.

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Understanding and assuring SD-WANSThis white paper, written with EXFO’s generosity, draws from our ongoing research project on SD-WAN.   In it, we outline the limitations of SD-WAN built-in  assurance, as well as the …, , September 19, 201822sd-wan-sdn|white-paper|exfo|topic|report-type|vendor
Verizon SDWAN

This document profiles Verizon’s SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.

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Versa Networks SD-WAN

This document profiles Versa Networks’ SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.

This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is producing in 2018-2019.

Document is 22 pages long with features, positioning, differentiators, and analysis compared to our best practices.

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Virtual Network CAPEX Global Forecast 2015 – 2025The virtualization of the telecommunication network will create dramatic economic operational dislocations in the CSP operating environment and supplier market. The shift from purpose built hardware to a hybrid virtualized …, March 22, 201625global-forecast|technology|report-type|topic
VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud

This document profiles VMware’s “VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud” (often abbreviated “VMware SD-WAN” for brevity in this document) SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices for “Telco Cloud” management and operations.  VeloCloud was an independent start-up, purchased by VMware in 2017, and being integrated with VMware’s NSX SDN product line (of Nicira origin).  VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud’s most unique selling proposition, made clear by its very name, is its “cloud-delivered” business model – both direct to enterprises and as a managed services platform for CSPs.  Cloud delivered can also pertain to its multi-tenant gateways (more on these often-misunderstood elements later).  Its second unique value proposition as Appledore observes them, involves “DMPO” or Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization” – a set of features to leverage multiple WAN paths and therefore deliver high quality transmission over “unreliable” Internet.

This is part of a series of SD-WAN solution profiles and research available from Appledore Research.

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VMware Smart Assurance

The focus of this profile is on VMware Smart Assurance which is comprised of assets acquired from Dell EMC, the parent company. For long term industry veterans most will recognize the core capabilities of VMware SMART Assurance as patented technology developed under SMARTS. VMware acquired proven intellectual property and a customer base that includes tier 1 CSPs.

VMware Smart Assurance is designed to help CSPs migrate from existing fixed network and compute architectures to cloud native, virtualized networks. Smart Assurance is positioned to support multi-vendor, multi-tenant infrastructure in the transport, physical, virtual, NFV and SD-WAN domains. The Smarts Codebook technology has been used in physical networks for decades. VMware is now applying machine learning and business impact analysis in the hybrid virtual network supporting its vCloud NFV and SD-WAN by VeloCloud assets.

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Vodafone SD-WAN

In-depth profile of Vodafone’s solutions and strategy in SD-WAN, with a focus on agile and forward looking operations.


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Who's Winning in Open RAN?

Open RAN is one of the most talked-about topics in telecom. But who actually appears to be gaining traction in the market with CSP projects?

This latest analysis provides a snapshot of the speed and extent of market development, and individual vendor progress. The goal is to help inform the strategies and decisions of CSP in considering their open RAN strategies and candidate vendor choices. The decisions that telecom CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and Heads of Network need to make must be informed by a view of what is happening in the wider market, not only point technology evaluations.

Similarly, vendor strategies may warrant adjustment, on the basis of standings relative to competitors, or partners.

To inform such thinking, in mid-2021, we believe it is important and already relevant to ask wider market questions regarding Open RAN:

  1. Is Open RAN already coalescing quickly around a small number of vendors or ecosystems?
  2. For new or established vendors aspiring to own a piece of the Open RAN pie, which areas of the market still offer the best potential?
  3. Since one key theme within the Open RAN movement is diversification of vendor selections, is there evidence that CSPs are forming relationships beyond telecom’s “Big Three plus One“ (Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and Samsung)?

From the analysis in this snapshot, operators and vendors with an interest in Open RAN should be able to gain a clearer view of how and where the Open RAN market is progressing fastest, and to consider adjusting their strategies accordingly.

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Why Intent Matters - The economic case for the intent driven network

The report explores the importance of intent in the transformation and automation of CSP networks. This report follows on from our OSS Sea Change Report

What is intent

Well-structured intent is fundamental to simplifying automation, making its implementation easier, and reducing the future maintenance burden.  “Intent” means that we define what the customer wants or needs – improving the likelihood of satisfaction.  In addition, intent can define operator’s internal business objectives – for example “at the lowest cost that meets the customer’s need” – improving business performance.

Despite its importance, intent is often a little-understood buzzword.

Technically, intent means defining a service or function “declaratively” rather than “imperatively”.  A simpler way to view intent is “define the desired outcome, rather than how to achieve it”.   An example is “define the capacity or latency required” rather than “define various image sizes or containerized apps to deploy”.  Essentially, you define the SLA, not how to achieve it.  This implies that the orchestration logic has the ability to find and implement a solution to the “SLA”.

The truth is, that we use intent today poorly.  Appledore believe it is more productive to think about “well structured’ vs “poorly structured” or “good vs bad” intent.  Good intent defines a functional objective and therefore allows for a high degree of solution flexibility, delivers loose coupling and minimizes ongoing maintenance.  Bad intent, on the other hand, tightly-couples services to a specific implementation, or a set of possible implementations – limiting flexibility and requiring constant maintenance and re-integrations down in the bits and bytes. This ruins automation and leads to high cost and complexity.












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Winning at the edge

This research looks at the importance to CSPs in building differentiated services at the edge of the network.

It examines the related topics of edge computing, white box CPE and improved radio access technology in 5G.

In particular it looks at:

  • The current direction and economics of 5G and network slicing
  • The current direction and economics of universal CPE in CSPs
  • Existing standard and ecosystem initiatives in edge computing

Appledore will be publishing complimentary detailed research on SD-WAN, Network Slicing, 5G and Edge computing in 2018

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