5G - After the Technology Hype Fades - Preparing for ProfitabilityThe paper examines the current state of 5G, exploring its current level of maturity, looking in detail at the proposed 5G use cases, the economics of 5G, and the business opportunities …, , , , , , , 38$4,000.005g|iot|market-outlook|cisco|ericsson|technology|nokia|vodafone|topic|report-type|vendor
5G Primer - After the Technology Hype Fades - Preparing for ProfitabilityThe primer is an introduction to our full market outlook report. This report examines the current state of 5G, exploring its current level of maturity, looking in detail at the proposed …, , , 12$1,000.005g|research-note|iot|technology|topic|report-type
Accedian Skylight, , , 12$1,000.005g|analytics|solution-profiles|cisco|topic|report-type|vendor
Achieving intent driven networksIn this outlook we profile 10 market leading suppliers in the journey toward intent based networks. We also look at leading and lagging sectors, and take a snapshot of desire …, , , , , , , , , , , , 30From $0.00huawei|amdocs|market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|cisco|ericsson|models-and-reference-data|model-driven-definition|ibm|microsoft|policy-driven-orchestration|netcracker|nokia|vendor|report-type|topic
Affirmed Networks vProbeAffirmed Networks develops virtualized mobile core solutions. Its Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution features virtualized instances of 3GPP-compliant Serving GRPS Support Node (SGSN) and Mobile Entity Management (MME) functions to …, , FREEaffirmed-networks|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
AI and Machine Learning PrimerThe AI and Machine Learning report should serve as a primer for business managers, operations experts, and anyone interested in the branch of AI known as deep learning. It is …, , , 44$4,000.00ai-ops|continuous-improvement|market-outlook|optimization-engine|topic|report-type
Amdocs - Policy in MANOSupplier Profile covering Amdocs’ implementation of policy-driven orchestration in MANO. This accompanies “The role of Policy in the Telco Cloud”, , FREEamdocs|solution-profiles|models-and-reference-data|vendor|report-type|topic
Amdocs CatalogAmdocs Catalog “Catalog was dull!  Amdocs’ aim is to make it exciting; enabling digital transformation” Amdocs Catalog is a next generation enterprise catalog, providing a unified commerce, charging and service/resource catalog. …, , , 14$1,000.00amdocs|customer-partner-interaction|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|vendor|topic|report-type
Amdocs microservices based digital modernizationThis report profiles Amdocs’ micro services based DigitalONE and CatalogONE products and the underlying Microservices360 platform on which they are based. AmdocsONE is a new umbrella modular suite that includes …, , , , 22$1,000.00amdocs|customer-partner-interaction|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|topic|report-type
Amdocs Microservices360This updated 22-page in-depth research report on Amdocs Microservices360 offers a comprehensive view of Amdocs’ microservices strategy and its progress in realising it within its Customer Experience and BSS portfolio. …, , 22FREEamdocs|solution-profiles|technology|vendor|report-type|topic
Amdocs Network Cloud Service OrchestratorAmdocs provides a dedicated VNF Manager (Amdocs Network Control Manager) for Amdocs network control VNFs, including vPCRF. Catalog Policy Driven approach linking the network to the business. Leader in PCRF …, , 12FREEamdocs|solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|vendor|report-type|topic
Amdocs NFV SD-WAN Management SolutionThis document profiles Amdocs’ NFV SD-WAN Package Solution, which is Amdocs’ Management offering (OSS, Orchestration), in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.   This is one of …, , , 22$1,000.00amdocs|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vendor|topic|report-type
Amdocs Open RANThis 14-page in-depth research report offers a comprehensive view of Amdocs’ offerings in Open RAN. This research is likely to be of most relevance to mobile communications service providers (CSPs) …, , 14From $0.00open-ran|amdocs|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Amdocs Policy and Charging Control Solution for “Policy in the Telco Cloud”In the area of service and network monetization, Amdocs is evolving its Charging and Policy (PCRF) assets to allow for more agile plan creation and to support more flexible services …, , 17FREEamdocs|solution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|vendor|report-type|topic
Applying Real-Time Analytics in the Virtualized Mobile Core NetworkThe use of real-time analytics to enhance carrier data lake and data warehouse solutions is being driven by business cases focused on improving the customer experience, revenue generation, and network …, , , 13FREEanalytics|affirmed-networks|white-paper|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|vendor|report-type
Aria NetworksThis document profiles Aria Networks in the context of Appledore Research Group’s framework report “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”.  It provides an in-depth look at Aria …, , FREEaria-networks|solution-profiles|optimization-engine|vendor|report-type|topic
Assuring Dynamic Services In The Hybrid Virtualized NetworkThis paper looks at the dramatic impact of virtualization, and of cross-domain services, on service assurance.  In particular it identifies the failings of existing methods, illustrates future necessary best practices, …, , FREEcenx|white-paper|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Assuring Service Quality in the Cloud and 5G Era, , , , , , 16FREEai-ops|analytics|premium-reports|promoted-reports|juniper-vendor|report-type|white-paper|topic|report-lifecycle|vendor
Automated, Managed Security Market Forecast , , , 31$4,000.00promoted-reports|security|report-type|global-forecast|report-lifecycle|topic
Automating Security, , , 56$4,000.00promoted-reports|security|report-type|market-outlook|report-lifecycle|topic
Automation in the Cloud Native Hybrid NetworkThis paper investigates the end-to-end challenges to automation, and suggests OSS and process methods that will lead to higher levels of automation., , 18FREEwhite-paper|closed-loop-automation|ibm|report-type|topic|vendor
Beyond OSSOSS needs to change. It’s time for network operators to hit the productivity gym! In this white paper we describe a modern, service-oriented management infrastructure, and specifically measure the Blue …, , , , , , 14FREEciena|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
BT SDWANThis document profiles BT’s SDWAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is …, , , , 22$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|cisco|microsoft|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
CENX Active Assurance SoftwareThis solution profile is focused on CENX’s software as applied to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically active assurance and healing within MANO. It should be read …, , 12$1,000.00cenx|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Ciena Blue Planet - AutomationThis solution profile is focused on Ciena’s Blue Planet software as it applies to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically orchestration. It should be read in the …, , 13$1,000.00solution-profiles|ciena|closed-loop-automation|report-type|vendor|topic
Ciena Blue Planet AutomationThis profile analyses the portfolio of Ciena’s Blue Planet division in the context of Appledore’s recommendations on successful closed loop automation.  Ciena Blue Planet’s focus is delivering intelligent automation software …, , , , , 24$1,000.00solution-profiles|ciena|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller - Benefits Analysis, , , , , 25FREE5g|promoted-reports|continuous-improvement|white-paper|cisco|technology|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type|vendor
Cisco NSO - AutomationThis solution profile is focused on Cisco’s NSO in conjunction with Cisco’s ESC – Elastic Services Controller as applied to ARG’s research into closed-loop automation, in this case specifically MANO …, , 11$1,000.00solution-profiles|cisco|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Cisco Policy for the Telco CloudCisco is moving well beyond its traditional position as a router and hardware vendor, to provide forward looking solutions to define (model, store logic and data), instantiate, monitor and manage …, , , 20FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|cisco|model-driven-definition|topic|report-type|vendor
Closed Loop Automation and the New Role of AssuranceAbstract: In this document, Appledore Research Group looks at the importance of automation in virtualized networks, and the new and important role that this creates for Assurance – with a …, , , FREEresearch-note|closed-loop-automation|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized NetworksAbstract: This report investigates the critical importance of automation to the success of virtualized telecom networks and operations. In earlier research, ARG has documented that virtualization changes the fundamental economics …, , , , FREEmarket-outlook|closed-loop-automation|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|topic
Cloud Native in TelecomThis report provides both the status of virtualization in telecom (including NFV, SDN and Cloud), and the objectives and feedback from leading CSPs, Suppliers and disruptive innovators – some from …, , , 129$4,000.00market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|models-and-reference-data|model-driven-definition|report-type|topic
Covid 19 - Its impact on the telecommunications industry“Covid-19 has induced global economic shock that will fundamentally change business activity and accelerate technology deployments at the edge of the network” Covid-19 has massively disrupted businesses in a short …, , 20From $4,000.005g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Critical Advances in Orchestration for Agility and AutomationThis framework report documents the state of the art in orchestration – MANO and beyond — as of 2017. It surveys best practices in four critical areas, and the state …, 119$4,000.00market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|report-type|topic
Deutsche Telekom SDWANThis document profiles Deutsche Telekom’s SDWAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore …, , , 26$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|ngena|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Digital Collaboration and Ecosystems - Research NoteThis Research Note distills ARG’s research on cross-company and cross-vertical digital collaboration into an easier-to-approach summary. This research, based on extensive primary and secondary interviews and other research, investigates the …, FREEmarket-outlook|model-driven-definition|report-type|topic
Digital TwinDigital twins in telecommunications is still at an early stage of maturity. The intent of this report is to encourage both CSPs and vendors to investigate and deploy digital twins. …, , 22From $0.005g|other-reports|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Disaggregation for Growth: Telco-as-a-Platform, 36From $0.00promoted-reports|market-outlook|report-lifecycle|report-type
Dynamic InventoryThe changing role of inventory in dynamic, online, virtualized/cloud networks. This report looks into the role of inventory in dynamic, hybrid and cloud-based networks, and how inventory must be re-structured …, $4,000.00market-outlook|inventory|report-type|topic
Dynamic Networks, Real-Time Operations And The Need For Active InventoryThis paper lays the groundwork to fully understand the dramatic impact on operations that we believe will result from dynamic, virtualized (and hybrid) networks. It is intended as a faster-to-consume …, , FREEamdocs|white-paper|inventory|vendor|report-type|topic
Edge Cloud- a new CSP business caseThis report investigates the business case and the market potential for CSPs to capture some of the growing public cloud market with Edge Cloud (the optimum combination of access network and …, , 16$4,000.005g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Ericsson Acquires Vonage: Ericsson's Enterprise Surprise, , 7$1,000.00research-note|report-type|ericsson|vendor
Ericsson Dynamic OrchestrationThis document profiles Ericsson’s “Dynamic Orchestration” solution, in the context of Appledore Research Group’s  best practices for closed-loop automation, which are derived form our framework report “Closed Loop Automation in …, , 13$1,000.00solution-profiles|ericsson|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Ericsson Dynamic Service ManagerThis document profiles Ericsson’s Dynamic Service Manager in the context of Appledore Research Group’s framework report “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks”.  It provides an in-depth look …, , FREEsolution-profiles|ericsson|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Ericsson Policy for the Telco CloudEricsson has an end-to-end vision of policy across domains, and an architecture driving its implementation called “COMPA” – Control, Orchestration, Management, Policy, Analytics. Specific solutions are available or being developed …, , , 20FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|ericsson|model-driven-definition|topic|report-type|vendor
Ericsson SD-WAN ManagementThis document profiles Ericsson’s SD-WAN Management Solution, based on the Ericsson Orchestration Suite.  This solution is Ericsson’s entry into the management of SD-WAN and related enterprise services (OSS, Orchestration), and …, , , 30$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|ericsson|topic|report-type|vendor
EXFO OntologyOntology Systems (now part of EXFO) develops a real time network and service topology platform and toolset that is used for service and customer assurance applications. It is also used …, , FREEsolution-profiles|exfo|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
EXFO XtractEXFO is a provider of test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and network solutions vendors in the global telecom industry. EXFO offers solutions for the …, , FREEsolution-profiles|exfo|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|vendor|topic
Google Cloud PlatformThis profile provides essential overview of Google Cloud for Telecom for anyone wanting to understand the scope of Google’s offering, and the company’s key partnerships in telecom., , , 14$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|google|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Growing Role of Platforms in Cyber Security - Eric Troup in a Defense PublicationWe present this paper as a resource to our readers.  On of the big operational transformations of NFV and the “telco cloud” is the transition of core capabilities – HA, …, , , FREEsecurity|white-paper|optimization-engine|microsoft|topic|report-type|vendor
Home Wifi - Broadband weak link and business opportunityContents THE SUDDEN SHIFT TO WORK-AT-HOME HAS CREATED OPPORTUNITY AS WELL AS RISK CSPS BEHIND THE CURVE IMPROVED WIFI IS NOT ALWAYS A SIMPLE RETAIL SUBSTITUTION SOLUTIONS EXIST. INITIATIVE AND …, , 8From $0.00research-note|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Huawei Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN)Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN) is a Huawei initiative focused at enabling the efficient and automatic delivery and management of networks and services. ADN aims to deliver simplification, automation and intelligence …, , , , , 20$1,000.00ai-ops|huawei|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|optimization-engine|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|vendor|report-type
IBM Cloud OrchestratorIBM is focusing on the higher level layers of the “Cloud Management stack”. This includes service catalogs and service workflow orchestration. IBM Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) is a IT process management …, , 10FREEsolution-profiles|ibm|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
IBM Cognitive Network OperationsThis document profile’s IBM’s portfolio in assurance and analytics, under its concept of “cognitive operations”.  The profile includes traditional product, as well as how IBM is augmenting them with leading …, , 12$1,000.00solution-profiles|optimization-engine|ibm|report-type|topic|vendor
IBM Policy in the Telco CloudIBM does not have is own IBM-branded solutions for traditional 3GPP PCC (Policy and Charging Control) or its evolution into overall monetization of services, rather working as a solution integrator …, , , 18FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|ibm|topic|report-type|vendor
Industrial automation and 5GIn this market outlook we investigate, validate, qualify and size the 5G opportunity in Industrial Automation (IA), sometimes referred to as “the 4th Industrial Revolution” or “Industry 4.0”. Regardless of …, , , , 42From $0.005g|edge-cloud|promoted-reports|iot|market-outlook|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
Infovista Ipanema SD-WANThis in-depth document profiles Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.  We cover infovista’s technology, features, relative positioning, market evidence / …, , , 20$1,000.00infovista|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vendor|topic|report-type
Inventory in Virtualized Software Enabled NetworksThis paper considers the continued importance of inventory in supporting CSPs in managing increasingly dynamic and virtualized software-enabled networks.  It builds on work in “Dynamic Inventory”, Appledore’s 2017 Framework report. …, , 28FREEciena|white-paper|inventory|vendor|report-type|topic
Leading Suppliers in the Software Automation MarketDetailed analysis of the leading suppliers and market size in the software automation market split across 8 market segments. Global expenditures in the telecommunications market for operational and capital investments …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 34From $0.00amdocs|global-forecast|sd-wan-sdn|cenx|vendor|ciena|catalog-and-composition|cisco|closed-loop-automation|ericsson|inventory|exfo|ibm|microsoft|policy-driven-orchestration|oracle|rapid-automated-service-assurance|netcracker|nokia|spirent|report-type|topic
Low Risk Path to AgilityThis paper investigates the service management layer challenge that  accompanies our journey to more flexible, agile networks, including huge investments in SDN and cloudified NFV.  In it, we establish that …, , 17FREEwhite-paper|model-driven-definition|sigma-systems|report-type|topic|vendor
Machine Learning - Application in Telecommunication networks to improve anomaly detectionMachine learning promises to solve complex problems in the telecommunication operational domain much faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy than the best human domain experts could ever hope to achieve. …, , 8FREEfederos|white-paper|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|report-type|topic
Managing the Telco Cloud: NFV and SDN role in the Existing OSS DomainThe report specifically addresses the relationship between service creation, management and orchestration, and resource control in the NFV and SDN domains. We bring some clarity to the role and relationships …, , 67FREEtelco-cloud|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
MANO Supplier Scorecard: Top Picks for 2015This report provides an independent assessment of current MANO solutions in the market. It is complemented with profiles of each of the suppliers. We evaluated 12 leading suppliers in the …, 67FREEmarket-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|topic
Market Forecast: Network Automation Software (NAS) 2022-2027 , , 35From $0.00promoted-reports|report-type|global-forecast|report-lifecycle
Market Outlook: AIOps in Telecom Operations, , 24$4,000.00ai-ops|report-type|market-outlook|topic
Market Outlook: End-to-end Service Orchestration , , , , , , , 60From $0.005g|edge-cloud|promoted-reports|service-orchestration|report-type|sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-lifecycle
Market Outlook: Network Data Management, , , , , , 21$4,000.00ai-ops|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|observability|continuous-improvement|report-type|market-outlook|topic|vendor
Microsoft Azure Applied To Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) And The Evolution To Digital ServicesThis paper looks at what azure is, how it maps to the needs of CSPs in the NFV and digital services spaces, and how it both maps to, and integrates …, , 23FREEwhite-paper|microsoft|technology|report-type|vendor|topic
Netcracker 12 and Hybrid Virtualization - A focus on End-2-End business cases and agile operationsReport on Netcracker 12 from analyst conference in Cannes May 2017, , , 4FREEcatalog-and-composition|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor
NetCracker Agile Virtualization PlatformThis solution profile describes NetCracker’s solution in the context of achieving closed-loop automation, with a focus on MANO and NFV.  We use the best practices from ARG’s framework report, “The …, , 11FREEsolution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|netcracker|report-type|topic|vendor
Netcracker Business Cloud for SD-WANThis document profiles Netcracker’s Management & Orchestration Solution for SD-WAN, based on the Netcracker Business Cloud.  This solution is Netcracker’s entry into the management of SD-WAN and related enterprise services …, , 32$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor
NetCracker NFV/MANO SolutionNetCracker/NEC’s first NFV solutions are vEPC and vCPE, both high priorities for mobile and fixed operators respectively. NEC also offers a full SDN solution, including commercially available OpenFlowswitches and an …, , 12FREEsolution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|netcracker|report-type|topic|vendor
NetCracker Policy for the Telco CloudNetcracker is providing policy in the area of Telco Cloud. This report looks at how Netcracker solutions provide this capability., , , , , 17FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|netcracker|topic|report-type|vendor
NetscoutThis document profiles Netscout’s nGeniusONE and Carrier Solutions. Netscout is a supplier of radio planning, subscriber analytics, and intelligent service assurance solutions to the telecommunication market. At the core of …, , , 14$1,000.00netscout-vendor|continuous-improvement|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vendor|topic|report-type
Network Automation Software Forecast 2020 to 2025Appledore Research forecast the growth of the Network Automation Software (NAS) market from 2020 to 2025, Appledore believe that the market for NAS will be driven by both growth from new …, , , , , , 34From $0.005g|edge-cloud|global-forecast|sd-wan-sdn|inventory|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type
Network Automation Software Market Share   , , 39From $0.00promoted-reports|splunk|global-forecast|report-lifecycle|vendor|report-type
Network Edge Cloud OpportunityIn this report we calculate the potential opportunity for public network edge cloud; compute infrastructure that is deployed locally within a network and is publicly available for others to consume. …, , 24From $0.00edge-cloud|global-forecast|technology|topic|report-type
ngena SD-WANThis in-depth document profiles ngena‘s SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices.  We cover ngena’s technology, features, relative positioning, market evidence / success …, , , 28$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|ngena|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia (ALU) CloudBand-The platform for NFVALU (now NOKIA) has focused its energy squarely on the core of virtualization software, covering the key segments as defined by ETSI. The CloudBand Suite is comprised of two products …, , 11FREEsolution-profiles|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Nokia (ALU) Policy for the Telco CloudALU’s PCRF deployments have migrated from being dominated by “solution sales” as part of an entire RAN or EPC, to solutions where ALU’s policy technology is being overlaid on existing …, , , 19FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
NOKIA Analyst Day – May, 2017Report following the NOKIA Analyst Day in Nice in May, 2017, , , FREEcatalog-and-composition|white-paper|closed-loop-automation|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia DeepfieldThis document profiles Nokia Deepfield cloud and networks analytics platform. Deepfield identifies, maps and analyses network traffic, with a focus on visibility of applications and their sources and destinations – whether …, , , 16$1,000.00continuous-improvement|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Deepfield - A New Approach to Network AnalyticsIn this report, Appledore profiles Nokia’s ‘Deepfield” analytics solution. Nokia Deepfield is a network and cloud focused “insight” and analytics platform, acquired by Nokia in 2017. It identifies, maps and …, , , , , 20FREEai-ops|analytics|security|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia FP4 routing chipsetThis research note covers Nokia’s new FP4 routing chip-set, with information provided at their product launch. It describes the chip, the new routers it enables, backward compatibility and the new …, , FREEsolution-profiles|technology|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
NOKIA Network Services Platform (NSP)Solution profile covering Nokia’s NSP – Nokia’s WAN-SDN solution, with extensive support for diverse underlying equipment technologies and closed-loop automation., , FREEsolution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|nokia|report-type|topic|vendor
Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP)This profile documents the intent, strategy, execution, and benefits of Nokia’s NSP solution.  In particular, we look at its fit in the context of ideal next-generation operation of the “telco …, , , , , , , 20$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|inventory|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Nuage Networks - SDWAN, , , 24FREEsecurity|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nokia Telco Cloud SolutionNokia is following a cloud agnostic approach, and supports multiple VIMs and Hypervisor layer software, provided by partners. It has demonstrated interoperability VMWare, EXSi, KVM and Redhat OpenStack and HP …, , , 12FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|technology|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Nuage and AsavieNuage and Asavie – Extending SDWAN to Mobile Devices Appledore have argued that one of SDWAN’s great values is the automation of security, and therefore reducing or eliminating the most common …, , , 8$1,000.00security|sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|report-type|vendor
Observability in the 5G Network, , , , , , , 12FREEnetscout-vendor|5g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|network-data-management|observability|white-paper|vendor|topic|report-type
ONAP Market ImpactThe level of interest has spiked over the past year regarding ONAP and its importance to the telecommunication industry in accelerating NFV and SDN technology. We applaud the level of …, 22$3,000.00market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|topic
Open RAN Leadership, , , , 22$1,000.005g|promoted-reports|open-ran|research-note|technology|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
Open RAN Value, , , 24From $0.005g|open-ran|market-outlook|technology|topic|report-type
Oracle - Automation in MANOThis document provides an extensive profile of Oracle’s Service and Network Orchestration solution, with an emphasis on how it is designed to implement automation, especially closed-loop healing, scaling and optimization …, , 14FREEsolution-profiles|policy-driven-orchestration|oracle|report-type|topic|vendor
Oracle Policy for the Telco CloudOracle has a single set of policy/rule technology that it adapts and applies to various domains (e.g.; traditional 3GPP PCRF vs. MANO). As in most of its products, Oracle separates …, , , 16FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|model-driven-definition|oracle|topic|report-type|vendor
Orchestrated Innovation: Inmanta, , 15FREEpromoted-reports|service-orchestration|white-paper|report-lifecycle|topic|report-type
Original NFV Concept White Paper from 2012 OpenFlow World CongressThis is placed on the site as a courtesy to our subscribers.  This is the original NFV concept paper, written by representatives from 13 CSPs at the 2012 SDN & …, , FREEwhite-paper|etsi|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|vendor|topic
Policy in the Telco Cloud Supplier Market AnalysisThis report surveys the State of the Art from the perspective of suppliers’ offerings. A.R.G. invited a wide range of suppliers including established NEPs and IT technology firms, to policy …, 113FREEmarket-outlook|models-and-reference-data|report-type|topic
Preparing for Edge CloudExisting cloud economics is fundamentally based on maximizing multi-tenancy of compute, whilst minimizing the cost of that compute through operational scale.  Edge Cloud by definition cannot have the same levels …, , 22From $0.005g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Preparing Telecommunication Operations For Cloud Native Virtual Network FunctionsThis white paper provides a view of the multi-phased evolution from today’s operations to the structure necessary to reap the benefits from cloud-native networks and NFVs.  It is an essential …, , FREEwhite-paper|closed-loop-automation|vmware|report-type|topic|vendor
Rakuten Symworld Inventory, , , , 12$1,000.005g|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|solution-profiles|inventory|topic|vendor|report-type
Rakuten Symworld Observability Framework, , , , , 12$1,000.005g|rakuten-symphony|network-data-management|observability|solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|vendor|report-type
Rapid Automated Service AssuranceThis is Appledore Research Group’s major “framework” report on automated, next-generation assurance. It complements “The Role of Closed Loop Automation in Virtualized Networks” and serves ad the foundation for many …, $4,000.00market-outlook|rapid-automated-service-assurance|report-type|topic
Real Time Analytics Applied to Telecommunication MarketThe report provides market data and analysis on the use of streaming analytics also known as real time intelligence and its use in improving the customer experience. Our findings suggest …, , 62FREEanalytics|market-outlook|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type
Real-time network topology, , , , 10FREEwhite-paper|closed-loop-automation|inventory|rapid-automated-service-assurance|oracle|report-type|topic|vendor
Redknee PCS Monetizing the Telco CloudRedknee’s core products (in the context of this report) are its PCRF/SPR and its Online Charging System (OCS), which are engineered as a pre-integrated system, but are also available independently …, , , 18FREEtelco-cloud|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|redknee|topic|report-type|vendor
Research Note: A Better Architecture for DDoS, , , , , 13FREEpremium-reports|promoted-reports|security|research-note|report-type|nokia|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Research Note: Amdocs to Acquire MYCOM OSI, , , , , 4$1,000.00ai-ops|analytics|research-note|amdocs|closed-loop-automation|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic|report-type|vendor
Research Note: Mobile Core as-a-Service, 8$1,000.00research-note|report-type
Research Note: NEC Center of Excellence UK, , , , , 8$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|nec|research-note|topic|vendor|report-type
Research Note: NWDAF, , , , , , , 6$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|huawei|open-ran|research-note|report-type|iot|topic|vendor
Research Note: Private Networks Snapshot, , 8$1,000.00research-note|report-type|iot|topic
Research Note: Spectrum-as-a-Service, , , , , 4$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|open-ran|research-note|report-type|iot|topic
Research Note: Swisscom's Enterprise Architecture Evolution, 5$1,000.00research-note|report-type
Research Note: TelecomTV's DSP Leaders Summit, , , , 8$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|open-ran|research-note|topic|report-type
Research Note: Vodafone Moves Assurance to the Cloud with Cardinality, , , 8$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|research-note|topic|report-type
Research Note: Wind River Acquired by Aptiv, , , , , , 4$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|open-ran|wind-river|research-note|report-type|iot|topic|vendor
SD-WAN Drives new CSP Enterprise OpportunitySD-WAN Drives new CSP Enterprise Opportunity: Catalyzing a multi-$Billion rebirth in enterprise services SD-WAN is potentially transformational to both enterprises and CSPs. For enterprises it can dramatically remake WAN infrastructure …, , , 96From $0.00sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
SD-WAN for EnterpriseThis is the 3rd “major” report in Appledore’s extensive coverage of SDWAN, and the evolution to the “Dynamic Enterprise Edge”. It is written from the perspective of how enterprises can …, , , 45From $0.00sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
SDWAN & The Enterprise Edge, , , 32From $0.00promoted-reports|report-type|sd-wan-sdn|market-outlook|report-lifecycle|topic
Security in the Network Cloud, , , , From $0.00promoted-reports|security|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|technology|report-lifecycle|topic|report-type
Service-Aware Silicon: Nokia FP53$1,000.00research-note|report-type
Solution Profile: Amdocs in Cross Domain Service Orchestration, , , 12$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|amdocs|solution-profiles|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Blue Planet MDSO, , , 10$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|ciena|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Ericsson AIOps, , , 7$1,000.00ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|ericsson|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Ericsson and Open RAN, , 3$1,000.00open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Google Anthos, , , 8$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|google|solution-profiles|topic|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: HPE Service Director, , 11$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|topic
Solution Profile: IBM Cloud Pak and Cisco Crosswork, , , , , , , , 6$1,000.00service-orchestration|5g|analytics|open-ran|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|cisco|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, , , , , , , 9$1,000.005g|analytics|open-ran|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|cisco|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: IBM in Cross Domain Service Orchestration, , , 12$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|ibm|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Lumen, , , , 15$1,000.00premium-reports|promoted-reports|report-type|iot|solution-profiles|report-lifecycle|topic
Solution Profile: Mavenir Open RAN, , 8$1,000.00open-ran|report-type|solution-profiles|topic
Solution Profile: Netcracker in Cross Domain Service Orchestration, , , 12FREEservice-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|netcracker|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia and Open RAN, , 2$1,000.00open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Nokia AVA, , , 5$1,000.00ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia Cross Domain Service Orchestration, , , 12$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Nokia Digital Operations Center, , , , , , , , 5$1,000.00ai-ops|report-type|solution-profiles|catalog-and-composition|closed-loop-automation|inventory|policy-driven-orchestration|rapid-automated-service-assurance|nokia|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Oracle Service & Network Orchestration, , , , , , 24$1,000.00premium-reports|promoted-reports|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|oracle|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: Platform9, 7From $0.00promoted-reports|solution-profiles|report-lifecycle|report-type
Solution Profile: Radisys and Open RAN, , 2$1,000.00open-ran|other-reports|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Solution Profile: Splunk, , 8$1,000.00splunk|other-reports|solution-profiles|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: Splunk (2022)A solution profile of Splunk., , 8$1,000.00splunk|other-reports|solution-profiles|vendor|report-type
Solution Profile: Subex AI/ML Capacity Management, , , , , 14$1,000.00ai-ops|analytics|premium-reports|promoted-reports|report-type|solution-profiles|topic|report-lifecycle
Solution Profile: VMware in Cross Domain Service Orchestration, , , 12$1,000.00service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|vmware|topic|vendor
Solution Profile: VMware Telco Cloud Automation, , , , , , , 14$1,000.00premium-reports|promoted-reports|telco-cloud|service-orchestration|report-type|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|vmware|report-lifecycle|topic|vendor
Spirent Lifecycle Service Assurance, , 8$1,000.00solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|spirent|report-type|topic|vendor
Spirent NFV LSASpirent’s NFV Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) solution suite provides network validation, service testing, and active service assurance. Spirent is a leading supplier to mobile CSPs and equipment suppliers with 55% …, , 14$1,000.00solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|spirent|report-type|topic|vendor
Talari SDWANThis document profiles Talari Networks’ SDWAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore …, , 18$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|oracle|topic|report-type|vendor
Telco Cloud Orchestration Market Supplier RoundupAbstract: This is the May update of this “living document”.  If you purchased the original the update is free. This report is part 2 of a series that looks at …, , 91$3,995.00telco-cloud|market-outlook|policy-driven-orchestration|topic|report-type
Telecom 2030 - Market forces that will reshape the telco of the future”The next decade will most definitely reshape the telco industry. Appledore Research believe that billions are up for grabs.” Most industry pundits will publish a piece on the most important …, , 26From $0.005g|edge-cloud|market-outlook|topic|report-type
Telecom 2030 - Market primer”The next decade will most definitely reshape the telco industry. Appledore Research believe that billions are up for grabs.” Most industry pundits will publish a piece on the most important …, , 16$1,000.005g|edge-cloud|research-note|topic|report-type
Telecommunication Cloud Management Worldwide Forecast 2015 - 2025The worldwide Telecommunication Cloud Management market using ARG taxonomy is forecasted to grow from USD130 million in 2015 to USD7.4 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 50%. The telecommunication market …, 41$4,000.00global-forecast|technology|report-type|topic
Test & Assurance in Cloud Networks, , , 18From $0.005g|report-type|market-outlook|rapid-automated-service-assurance|topic
The Automated, Actively Assured Service Lifecycle, , , , , , 26FREEai-ops|analytics|premium-reports|promoted-reports|juniper-vendor|report-type|white-paper|topic|report-lifecycle|vendor
The Economics of Virtualized NetworksVirtualization is an exciting technology that promises to transform networks, services (products) and operations in Telcos.  Yet we at ARG believe that success will derive from understanding “first principles” – …, 111FREEmarket-outlook|technology|report-type|topic
The Economics of Virtualized Networks Overviewabstract Virtualization is an exciting technology that promises to transform networks, services (products) and operations in Telcos. Yet we at ARG believe that success will derive from understanding “first principles” …, FREEmarket-outlook|technology|report-type|topic
The Need for Active Inventory in Dynamic NetworksThis White Paper investigates the need for inventory to be “active” in emerging virtualized and hybrid networks. It derives needs from an actual service example, and suggests best practices., , FREEamdocs|white-paper|inventory|vendor|report-type|topic
The Power of the AI Driven TelcoThe Power of the AI Driven Telco – How Global CSPs use AI to improve business outcomes Applying AI for improving prediction and business outcomes will transform decision making in …, , , , 24From $0.005g|edge-cloud|ai-ops|promoted-reports|market-outlook|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
The Rise of Digital Collaboration & EcosystemsOne of our early reports, but still valid! This report (investigates the emergence of digital business ecosystems and the growth of rich, cross-industry digital services. In particular we look at …, , , 4 $2,000.00iot|market-outlook|catalog-and-composition|model-driven-definition|topic|report-type
The Role of Policy in Hybrid Virtualized NetworksThis is the first in a series of reports by Appledore on policy. It covers an introduction to policy; its scope today; how and why it must change; the new …, 76FREEmarket-outlook|models-and-reference-data|report-type|topic
The Role of Policy in Virtualized Networks - Executive SummaryThis document is intended as a companion to the Appledore Research Group (“ARG”) report, released in July 2015, “The Role of Policy in Virtualized Networks”, and lays the groundwork to …, 4FREEmarket-outlook|models-and-reference-data|report-type|topic
Understanding and assuring SD-WANSThis white paper, written with EXFO’s generosity, draws from our ongoing research project on SD-WAN.   In it, we outline the limitations of SD-WAN built-in  assurance, as well as the …, , 22FREEsd-wan-sdn|white-paper|exfo|topic|report-type|vendor
Verizon SDWANThis document profiles Verizon’s SDWAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore is …, 26$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|topic|report-type
Versa Networks SD-WANThis document profiles Versa Networks’ SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best practices. This is one of a series of SD-WAN supplier profiles that Appledore …, , , 22$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|versa-networks|topic|report-type|vendor
Virtual Network CAPEX Global Forecast 2015 – 2025The virtualization of the telecommunication network will create dramatic economic operational dislocations in the CSP operating environment and supplier market. The shift from purpose built hardware to a hybrid virtualized …, 25$4,000.00global-forecast|technology|report-type|topic
VMware SD-WAN by VelocloudThis document profiles VMware’s “VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud” (often abbreviated “VMware SD-WAN” for brevity in this document) SD-WAN offering in the context of Appledore Research’s on-going research stream and best …, , 22$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|vmware|topic|report-type|vendor
VMware Smart AssuranceThe focus of this profile is on VMware Smart Assurance which is comprised of assets acquired from Dell EMC, the parent company. For long term industry veterans most will recognize …, , 12$1,000.00solution-profiles|rapid-automated-service-assurance|vmware|report-type|topic|vendor
Vodafone SD-WANIn-depth profile of Vodafone’s solutions and strategy in SD-WAN, with a focus on agile and forward looking operations.  , , , , , 22$1,000.00sd-wan-sdn|solution-profiles|closed-loop-automation|policy-driven-orchestration|technology|vodafone|topic|report-type|vendor
Who's Winning in Open RAN?, , , , 39From $0.005g|promoted-reports|open-ran|market-outlook|technology|topic|report-lifecycle|report-type
Why Intent Matters - The economic case for the intent driven networkThe report explores the importance of intent in the transformation and automation of CSP networks. This report follows on from our OSS Sea Change Report What is intent Well-structured intent …, , , , 36From $0.00market-outlook|closed-loop-automation|models-and-reference-data|model-driven-definition|policy-driven-orchestration|report-type|topic
Winning at the edgeThis research looks at the importance to CSPs in building differentiated services at the edge of the network. It examines the related topics of edge computing, white box CPE and …, 65$4,000.00market-outlook|technology|report-type|topic