Appledore’s telecom market research is valued the world over for its insightfulness, quality and topicality. As experts in the field, we apply our in-depth experience of the industry to investigating and analyzing the real business impact of emerging technologies, service innovation and new operational practices

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We publish a dynamic program of market research reports throughout the year, which is available to clients either as a part of one of our subscription package options, or on an individual purchase basis.  Our planned research calendar is available on request. Call our USA office on +1 603 969 2125 or email

A direct reflection of Appledore’s unique focus, the vast range of telecom industry reports that we provide our clients with includes the following types:

Market outlooks

Investigating a particular telecommunications technology or business area, outlook reports are substantial pieces of research identifying market drivers, how the industry as a whole is addressing needs, implications and factors for market success.

Solution profiles

A high level assessment of a supplier product or solution, an Appledore solution profile will compare it with ‘yardstick’ metrics identified in our outlook reports and identify customers for the solution.

Appledore will write a free solution profile for all vendors taking out a subscription package with us.  Distribution rights are also included for Platinum and Diamond subscriptions.

Global forecasts

Based on analysis from outlook reports, a global forecast provides a quantitative assessment of the development of a market segment in the next 5 years. Includes regional data analyses and market size analysis for hardware, software and services.

Market tracker

(Service available to subscribers on request)

The Appledore market tracker is the first of its kind to give a true picture of the software enabled networking market.  It provides:

  • Quantitative data on NFV and SDN total addressable market
  • Regional data breakouts
  • Global CSPs, mobile and fixed
  • NFV and SDN supplier solutions and deployments

Browse our telecom market research reports

To find out more about Appledore’s market research, call our USA office on +1 603 969 2125 or email