Dedicated to the telecom industry, Appledore Research helps its clients navigate rapid change in technology, service innovation and operational practices to positively transform and grow their businesses.  We think differently, challenge the status quo and identify the best ways to move forward.  We want you to succeed.

Through our expert team of experienced telecom industry analysts and business practitioners, Appledore Research provides you with a unique blend of sector-specific market research reports, strategic advice and marketing support services, either as a part of a subscription package or as individual purchases.  We’re flexible.

As you’d expect, key focus areas for Appledore’s comprehensive research work include Cloud Management, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN), 5G, AI and analytics technologies, service innovation and best operational practice.  As a result, our client base spans the complete spectrum of the global telecom industry.

So we work closely with communication service providers, network providers, software and IT vendors, system integrators, investors and enterprise users.  Unbiased and impartial in our views, we are regarded by our clients as a trusted partner.  One that’s quick to react to disruption in telecom market dynamics and deliver you the most considered and relevant response.

The market research, advice and support, that Appledore brings exclusively to the telecom industry, means better-informed and more efficient business decision-making.  It means earlier identification of emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, and fewer mistakes.  We’re a trusted sounding board, providing that extra bit of objective insight when you need it most.

To find out more about Appledore Research, call our USA office on +1 603 969 2125 or email