The transport domain is becoming more complex, more multi-vendor and critically – far more dynamic. No longer do WANs and other enterprise services get set up once and remain unchanged for years.  Rather, services will be more customized and dynamically changing. This demands automation.

This market outlook provides an understanding of the status, evolution size and growth for domain managers that control a huge subset of networks:  IP services over optical transport, both in the core and out to the access network.

Short profiles of notable vendors in the space are included:

  • Blue Planet Transport Automation Solution (Ciena)
  • Cisco NSO and CrossWork
  • Elisa FRINX Machine
  • Huawei All-Optical AND (Autonomic Driving Network)
  • Infinera Open Wave Manager
  • Juniper Paragon Automation
  • Netcracker Network Domain Orchestrator (NDO)
  • Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP)
  • Oracle IP Service Activation (IPSA)

This report offers a valuable insight into how this apparently mature segment continues to evolve, and how suppliers are responding to new demands of CSPs.

It also includes detailed set of recommendations for CSPs and vendors in this space.

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Report author: Grant Lenahan, Robert Curran
Publication date: 08/12/2022
Number of pages: 30