Data inaccuracy is inevitable, the real challenge is how we minimize its effect.

This market outlook looks at data accuracy management and the management of network decision-making that needs to be a fundamental foundation of automated and autonomous networks. It explores the issues of inventory accuracy in modern networks, and how decision data management needs to become an increasingly important part of a telco’s business processes. To support automation, inventory solutions will need to measure and monitor data accuracy and business decisions based on this data. Inventory solutions will increasingly need a decision inventory that models and measures the success of decision-making, enabling the prioritization of processes which can improve data accuracy and the success of automated decision-making.

The report introduces a new concept, the business “decision-making” inventory. An inventory of business decision-making success and failure. As a new concept, it is difficult to estimate market size. Appledore believes its importance, in enabling automation and autonomy, makes it more valuable than existing inventory solutions, a market we estimate as worth $90 million in 2023 growing to $175 million in 2027.

The report will be useful to CSP decision-makers who are looking to deliver new high-value, on-demand services with increasing amounts of automation to deliver these services cost-effectively. The report provides a framework for managing trust in automated decision-making and the data on which it is based. CSP should actively create a data accuracy and decision-making framework for all parts of the network where they want to deliver new on-demand services.

The report will be useful to inventory vendors and operational orchestration vendors with an interest in enabling their CSP customers to use their solutions to deliver widespread automation. Inventory and orchestration vendors should actively work with CSPs to trial and prototype enhanced data accuracy management and the monitoring of key process decision-making.

With a focus on wider business decision-making, we expect inventory suppliers with a multiple network and operational domain footprint to have a significant opportunity here. For example, vendors with a BSS/OSS footprint like Amdocs and Netcracker and vendors with an OSS and network technology domain footprint, like Nokia and Ciena Blue Planet. New inventory entrants like ServiceNow, with a strong process management background, will also have an opportunity here.

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Report author: Francis Haysom
Publication date: 18/04/2023
Number of pages: 16