This report highlights the critical changes to conventional test and assurance that CSPs and vendors need to take on board, as networks increasingly move from hardware- to software-based.

Bottom line: the cloudification of the network will force most CSPs to assess current tools and processes to achieve the benefits of cloud scaling. Agile service delivery and assurance radically changes how services are tested and assured as workloads become more distributed. Workloads will move dynamically to support demand scaling in/out in shorter timeframes. This obviates the need for planned deployment of dedicated fixed monitoring points, and in fact makes it impossible to locate precise points of monitoring. Virtual probes will move with workloads at the edge closer to the UE and access points. Edge computing and the distribution of workloads will require more network visibility for service assurance and customer impact analysis.

This all adds up to a radical shift in the tooling and processes required to test and assure these new networks. This report maps out the key changes and assesses leading vendors in this vital space.

Publication Date: Feb 2021

Author: Patrick Kelly

Report Contents

  • How the Market is Evolving
  • Market Share and Forecast
  • Testing and validation still relevant in 5G and cloud but must be aligned to CI/CD
  • Device emulation and dynamic network supporting distributed workloads
  • Protocol stack and support of standards provides a defensible moat for suppliers. This requires continued investments in R&D and actively driving standards bodies
  • Applications and analytics drive new spending
  • Supplier Strategies including NetscoutSpirent, Keysight, Viavi, Rohde & Schwartz
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Publication date: 12/02/2021
Number of pages: 18