Telecom’s standing as critical national and international infrastructure has never been higher. Yet maintaining the status quo has never looked a less viable strategy. A dramatic ramp-up in automation is at the center of telecom’s transition to a low-cost, highly-personalized, agile and investor-attracting sector.

How much will telcos spend on network automation software (NAS) in the years ahead? Which segments will see double-digit growth, and which will see only modest gains – or falls? Our latest benchmark NAS Market Forecast looks from 2024 through 2028, a period likely to see substantial impact from innovations such as open networks, AI (and GenAI!) and network APIs.

This landmark report is an essential reference for CSPs, as well as traditional and non-traditional telecom software vendors. It provides individual forecasts, supporting analysis and commentary across the six segments that make up the Network Automation Software market:

  • Domain Management & Orchestration
  • AIOps & Analytics
  • Cross-Domain Service Orchestration (CDSO)
  • Observability & Network Data Management (NDM)
  • Distributed Cloud Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Continuous Test (CT, formerly Component Lifecycle Management)

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Report author: Patrick Kelly, Grant Lenahan, Francis Haysom, Robert Curran
Publication date: 05/01/2024
Number of pages: 41