Lumen was created to be a pure business-to-business telecom service provider. But this is much more than a rebrand. Based on in-depth technical discussions with Lumen, we assess the reality of Lumen’s “platform for innovation” positioning. In particular, to what extent Lumen has redefined its offerings and proposition for cloud-savvy enterprises.

This report makes a valuable read for C-suite leadership at both technology vendors and “Fortune 500” enterprises, as well as technology and strategy leaders.  For marketing and sales, it provides a tangible look at the art of the possible, as opposed to the art of wishful thinking – which always manages to disappoint in the end.

For product managers and enterprise business unit leads at communications service providers (CSPs) it’s a detailed reference for how one operator is addressing the current and future needs of business customers. For Lumen customers and partners – an independent perspective on how credible its claims to be different really are.

For enterprise CIOs, it provides a timely view of the themes and trends that telecom operators believe are behind their evolving needs.

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Publication date: 05/08/2021
Number of pages: 15