In this profile, we look at how one company, Rakuten Symphony, is building a new type of data platform, one that can support the movement of CSPs from physical networks to one fundamentally on the cloud.

“When you have to make real-time decisions, you need the information to be 100% correct and you want information to be live”

Observability in general is now a well-trodden path in hyperscale cloud. Observability in the context of a telecom-focused infrastructure is barely charted. By proving the observability framework at scale in Rakuten Mobile, Rakuten Symphony is in the vanguard of enabling this change in telcos.

Symworld Cloud Observability provides a cloud-enabled, cloud-neutral solution, for telemetry data management that is already proven in a Rakuten Mobile in Japan. Symworld Observability Framework is a critical part of the data infrastructure of the Symworld platform and provides a single environment for the consistent management of telemetry data from the Rakuten network cloud.

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Report author: Francis Haysom
Publication date: 06/06/2022
Number of pages: 12