This report outlines the best practices in  network cloud orchestration to achieve agility, cost efficiency and hgih levels of closed-loop automation, with simplicity.  It includes a discussion of what must be modeled and how, what must be on-boarded and how, the implications on DevOps, and the core importance of intent-based and cloud-native orchestration. It is an essential tool for those that are specifying , acquiring , integrating , designing or using orchestration systems and  associated functionality.

It contains best practices, market sizing and scoping, and an estimate of the huge opex savings at stake.

This report will also be the basis of future supplier roundups and profiles from Appledore Research, and provides a foundation for understanding what is necessary from ordering and assurance systems to properly drive this automated environment – and simplify operations and OSS going forward.

Updated May 2 2018

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Publication date: 12/04/2018
Number of pages: 113