AI has become the chosen term for marketers to promote. In the age of big data and cheap fast computing (GPUs) the business benefits are clear. Applied correctly, AI can achieve specific business outcomes faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy than the best human experts. One of the most promising areas is pattern recognition and interpreting images in the health sector for MRIs. Machine learning combined with data streaming from medical imaging allows data scientist to train computers to recognize patterns linked to pneumonia or cancer. For the best human experts, a well-trained AI system will still outperform the human. The AI system follows an algorithm, or set of instructions, and learns as it goes. The more data it receives, the better it becomes at interpretation. In the telco domain for hard to detect anomalies that impact services the industry still relies on the human experts – why? Recent discussions with Stephen Douglas at Spirent, Bruce Kelley at NetScout, and Cyril Doussau at Netrounds indicate that some CSPs are applying active assurance to improve service performance. It’s the realization that even the best NOC experts are not prepared for the 5G and edge tsunami coming.

Image courtesy of Patrick Kelly