CSPs and Enterprises both need a radical new approach to the challenges – and sizeable opportunities – in Security.

Appledore forecasts that by 2026 17.9B USD is at stake in the form of managed services that CSPs can deliver to enterprise customers.

We further estimate that of that 17.9B USD, 9.5B USD will be in the form of automated security.  A further subset of that 9.5B USD opportunity is open to the supplier community in the form of network automation software (NAS) and network functions (PNF, VNF, CNFs) that deliver those managed services.

Security automation is thus a large and high-growth opportunity for telcos and suppliers of innovative automated security solutions. But the numbers only tell part of the story.

Security is being completely upended by changes in technology and market structure. We call out three key drivers of change in this market: telco cloud, with its dynamic service chains; public cloud and decentralization; and the new, expanded ecosystems that are essential in IoT and Industry 4.0. All of these expose the limits of traditional security approaches and methods.

A new era in security looks radically different: automated, and end-to-end, rather than manual and siloed. The contrast could not be more stark. While individual innovations such as SASE and Zero Trust are laudable, a mindset of automation is the most fundamental change required.

This Market Outlook report builds on our earlier report “Security in Networks and Cloud”.  In that report we provide an overview of how virtualization, cloud and newly dynamic networks, business environments and geo-political realities dramatically shift the demands placed on security.  We conclude that security must shift to embrace some basic concepts of automation, zero trust, and end-to-end secure chains.

The new report goes much further with a deep analysis of the broad range of potential automation that may be applied to security, and setting out a taxonomy or “range of automation opportunities” that then both qualify and quantify the market.  It also discusses the various flavors of automation, the drivers for each, and highlight status and progress of the market, including notable solutions.

Appledore High Level Security Automation Framework

In writing this new report, we sought to look beyond just headline numbers on market growth, which cannot convey the seismic changes in the security landscape. Instead, as with our Network Automation Software report, we wanted to provide readers with a comprehensive new way to position market needs, technologies, strategies, as well as spell out potential opportunities for CSPs and vendors alike.

Ultimately, this wide-ranging yet in-depth report brings together technologies and concepts from across the security landscape into an essential unifying and coherent framework, encompassing Zero Trust, SASE, SOAR, DDoS, workload security, security of service chains and network slices, SD-WAN and security, AIOps and Machine Learning.

The report includes short profiles on a selection of vendors including Akamai, Ciena, Ericsson, IBM, Nokia, Spirent and VMware, as well as security capabilities offered by BT, Lumen and ngena.

This 50+ page report is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to understand the changing nature of security, the commercial opportunity it represents, or to establish a solid foundation for a new security strategy.

If you read one report on Security all year – this is it.

Photo credit: jess lis from FreeImages