This landmark report provides a high level forecast and detailed analysis of a major new multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity for telecom in enterprise, network and cloud security. Across over 50 pages, Principal Analyst Grant Lenahan dissects the state of security, and explains why automation of security offers such a critical new growth vector, in particular for CSPs – though with important qualifiers: the telecom industry must think differently and build automation into the core of new service thinking.

The report outlines the many places automation must be applied, reducing the ambiguity in the term, and offers examples of where the industry is moving in this direction. The revenue opportunity is quantified with a breakdown into delivery component segments. We offers recommendations for success, to minimize complexity and cost, and to maximize market gains.

CSPs profiled include BT, Lumen, ngena and Spirent. Vendors profiles include Akamai, Ciena, Ericsson, IBM, Nokia and VMware.

While extremely valuable as a standalone resource, Automating Security develops themes and industry trends explored in our earlier Security in the Network Cloud. Scroll down to read the full Table of Contents.

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Publication date: 12/11/2021
Number of pages: 56