Spirent Solutions today revealed some useful data on 5G deployments in their customer base. The data yields some insights into the 5G investment cycle across more than 600 5G engagements. Key takeaways include:

1) More than 50% of activity is testing the 5G core

2) Testing of 400G with a focus on slicing

3) Service assurance is focused on user experience and edge latency

4) mmWave improving both in terms of speed, distance, and coverage

5) persistent problems with being able to retain 5G signal

6) Smartphones getting “hot” due to radio link failures

Spirent has a perspective into the earliest deployments of 5G because of their leadership position in supplying solutions to both NEMS and mobile operators. I applaud Spirent for giving us a window into their customer deployments to understand both priorities and challenge.

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