Suddenly, autonomics seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  CSPs and suppliers are looking to “cross the chasm”, as we wrote in a recent paper to networks that can truly manage themselves – based on desired goals – that magic, but often elusive concept of intent.

Juniper Networks is among those making a concerted push into Intent, Autonomy, and a focus on networks that can deliver a user experience.  Juniper, with its Paragon Automation portfolio refers to this as “experience first” networking and has recently made a major upgrade to their Paragon portfolio, placing intent at its heart, defining the customer experience as intent, and making active assurance as an essential component of validating and measuring that experience – that “Intent”.

Appledore has recently completed a paper on the nature and importance of intent and experience first networking, in the context of the Juniper Paragon portfolio.  We encourage you to obtain that paper here – it is a valuable message not just for those interested in Juniper and its Paragon suite, but for every engineer and operations executive charged with evolving networks.


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