Appledore has written extensively about how software-based networks can drive commercial disaggregation in addition to technical disaggregation. Weaverlabs, a UK-based startup, is a potential enabler of this technical and commercial disaggregation.

Weaverlabs has a unique market offering, combining:

  • A network orchestration layer, managing the entire service lifecycle across multiple infrastructure providers
  • A flexible network infrastructure abstraction/broker for Distributed Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) and other network infrastructure resources
  • A monetization framework for the interconnection of supply chains of infrastructure suppliers, including CSPs, hyperscalers, and neutral hosts.

In this profile we look at how Weaverlabs could create a new marketplace for distributed network infrastructure, and provide an initial SWOT analysis on the company.

The report will be of interest to CSP CTOs who are considering a wider supply chain of network infrastructure providers. It will also be of interest to new network infrastructure players, including neutral host providers, tower companies, and even potentially hyperscale providers.

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Report author: Francis Haysom and Luca de Matteis
Publication date: 31/05/2024
Number of pages: 14