Security of networks has always been a high priority for enterprise CIOs, and their telecom suppliers. But with the fundamental nature of telecom networks radically changing – more virtual, more dynamic, more “open” – are approaches to security keeping up? What are the implications of this radical change for enterprises, CSPs and vendors? Where are the security challenges, and the new opportunities?

This major new research report dives deep into network security, the market size and opportunities and future evolution. It also offers a new framework for understanding security in the context of network cloud, IoT and 5G.

This security research report will be of significant interest to:

CIOs and Heads of Security at Enterprises:

  • Understand the new security threats and requirements in a network cloud enviroment
  • Understand how SD-WAN, fiewalls, SASE, SANE and ID all fit together and can be simplified

Heads of Enterprise Products & Solutions, Head of Innovation at CSPs:

  • Gain up-to-date understanding of the opportunity for CSPs in enhancing network security for enterprises
  • Create and position compelling new value propositions

Heads of Marketing, Strategy, Product and Solutions in Suppliers of BSS, OSS, Telecom software:

  • Gain detailed understanding of the key opportunity for suppliers in supporting network providers in new, improved end-to-end security to enterprise
  • Understand the evolving competitive landscape in security and develop response strategies

Suppliers of security software

  • Gain an understanding of current fragmented security marketplace and possible disaggregation, the opportunities for automation and end to end management, and the ability to more flexibly apply existing security capabilities built into the network cloud
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Publication date: 15/10/2020