The path to autonomous networks unquestionably relies on a number of new technologies: cloud, containerized network functions, and machine learning all have an enbaling part to play. But successfully leveraging these to achieve autonomous networks and operations depends on an overarching strategy and set of principles.

In this comprehensive report, Appledore sets out not only the underlying new principles, but also the eight best practices that service providers must adopt on the path to network autonomy. These also have implications and opportunities for suppliers to telcos.

The document offers a definitive architectural blueprint for an autonomous network, and will be both a reference guide for architects and strategists, and a way for the telco C-suite to put the dazzling array of breakthrough technologies into a business strategy.

A free extract is provided for a sample of the extensive insights and perspective that this report contains. 

The full report is available free to subscribers to our Automation and Orchestration research module.

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Report author: Grant Lenaha, Shanthi Ravindran
Publication date: 11/06/2024
Number of pages: 42