The pursuit of autonomous networks (AN) in telecom has advanced rapidly in the last few years, with growing numbers of operators leveraging industry learnings, concepts and designs to take a step up in their autonomy journey.

In this in-depth 20-page whitepaper, we look at:

  • How concepts from the TM Forum and elsewhere are helping operators to see network autonomy as an achievable objective.
  • How two operators – AIS Thailand and China Mobile are progressing towards autonomous networks
  • How one vendor, Huawei, is supporting industry efforts to make autonomous networks a reality.
  • Recommendations for Telecom executives looking to obtain the benefits of autonomous networks.

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Independently produced by Appledore analysts, the research note is free to download, courtesy of Huawei. Download details will only be used for delivery, not shared with any third party. 

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Report author: Grant Lenahan, Shanthi Ravindran
Publication date: 10/10/2023
Number of pages: 20