The Appledore team attended MWC 2019 in Barcelona and after a full week distilled some key themes on the 5G market and potential business models that will unfold over the next three years.

5G was the dominant theme of the show, with most displays using 5G as a visionary enabler for drones, cars, VR/AR and even medicine. We are seeing increased agreement that many of these hyped use cases, including autonomic vehicles, are not realistic as proposed. Life and death data and decision making cannot be placed on a weather-dependent public network. Beneath this market hype though there was a much more pragmatic focus, from operators and network equipment vendors, on realistic, near term use cases in which 5G can address immediate issues with existing LTE networks supplying mobile broadband, fixed broadband access, and in the mid-term enables industrial automation using private 5G and hybrid networks.

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Publication date: 05/03/2019
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