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Netcracker has long been one of the few firms that maintains a “complete stack” with meaningful portfolios in all aspects of operating a public telecom network and business, including network automation, traditional OSS, order and catalog management, revenue management, and customer experience management. Within network automation software (“NAS”) Netcracker has strong assets in network data management; orchestration, and AIOps, enabling them to fully “close the loop”.

Netcracker has benefited from close association with NEC on network technologies such as SDN and early work on NFV, in association with large CSPs. However, Netcracker strongly defends its independence and its validity as a relatively neutral, multi-vendor ISV.

This solution profile is part of a series of profiles that accompanies our market outlook report on automation in the transport domain.  This research looks at the state of the art in automating transport networks and services. Our focus is on L2/L3 services, but with full observability of Layer 1.

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Report author: Grant Lenahan
Publication date: 17/04/2023
Number of pages: 8