The recent purchase of UK retail edge solution provider Zynstra by NCR, for approximately $129 million, highlights the real value of edge cloud solutions.

Zynstra have focused at the retail sector for a number of years, using edge cloud to disaggregate software in local devices, like POS terminals, and reducing the IT operational cost in maintaining these systems.

Zynstra is a UK based start up created by ex Cramer Systems leadership. Initially Zynstra developed a generic edge computing platform applicable to multiple industries. However, over time it has focused on retail because of the clear industry demand. The Zynstra story highlights the critical success factor for edge cloud. A clear industry specialisation and a focus on the business drivers and costs for that industry. Edge Cloud success is not about computer technology, network bandwidth/latency or even local building footprint.

Appledore wish Nick East and his team at Zynstra all the best for 2020 as part of NCR.

Appledore explore the business opportunity in edge cloud in our recent Preparing for Edge Cloud report. This will be followed by a potential edge cloud market forecast in early 2020.

Image courtesy of Francis Haysom