Appledore Research has just published  a new market outlook on SD-WAN for Enterprise. This report is written to enable an Enterprise to gain the most benefit from SD-WAN and related technologies. This is the 3rd  in a series of “Market Outlook” reports covering SD-WAN.

Enterprise SD-WAN

Appledore believe that SD-WAN technology holds great promise for both enterprises and CSPs.  We also believe that it is a misunderstood, or at least often misused, term.  The report identifies the core capabilities that must be present in any serious SD-WAN offer, and how these form the foundation for long-term value to enterprises. In particular, we look at the characteristics that allow leading SD-WANs to be self-managing and achieve very high degrees of automation, including a proper closed loop based on intent.

Dynamic Enterprise Edge

We look at the emergence of a new “Dynamic Enterprise Edge” – with the capability to transform the way enterprises can obtain and consume WAN-related communications services. The report explores the concept of the dynamic enterprise edge, based on network virtualization technology, “uCPE” and the SD-WAN edge device as a VNF. It explores how CSPs can transform their relationship with, and potentially their value proposition to, enterprises.

RAIN – Redundant Array of Independent Networks

The report introduces the Appledore concept of “Redundant Array of Independent Networks” (RAIN). In an analogous way to RAID disks, RAIN has the potential to eclipse a single managed WAN in performance, availability and cost.  Appledore looks at how SD-WAN can be an enabler for RAIN and how this may be attractive to both buyers and sellers of SD-WAN technology.

Meaningful insight by going deeper

This report approaches SD-WAN differently from most existing published SD-WAN research, It draws on Appledore in-depth primary research and our deeper understanding of SDN technology and its interplay with public WAN infrastructure. Our goal is to provide enterprises with the knowledge they need to make the best plans for the future:

  • How to view SD-WAN
  • How to procure SD-WAN
  • How to deploy SD-WAN technology to the greatest long-term effect.

We encourage both potential buyers and sellers of SD-WAN to think beyond what it represents today, and consider how it can transform economics, agility and operations in the future.


Image courtesy of Francis Haysom