The enterprise “WAN” market is in a period of upheaval, and periods of great change create opportunity for those that are willing to move out of their comfort zone. This particular opportunity may be telecom’s first and best opportunity to break the chains of what many refer to as the “dumb pipe”.

This research note is one of a pair of related analyses. In the first, we explored why and how this $101B incremental opportunity differs fundamentally from the needs that enterprises have traditionally looked to their CSPs partners to provide. This second analysis spells out our prescription – across product, solution and operations – for CSPs to maximize their chances of success in this new market, defined in terms of market share, revenues, and margins.

This analysis will be of interest to product managers in telecom operators, strategists and architects looking to plan the route to growth with their enterprise customers.

Ask the Analyst
Report author: Grant Lenahan
Publication date: 10/01/2023
Number of pages: 9