“Telcos should have a clear strategy for observability in their cloud-native networks.”

Observability will be critical to business success from the modern cloud-native network. Observability is more than “telemetry 2.0”. Enabling a data-driven and API-exposed network (CPaaS), it also drives automation and autonomy in the network, driven by business policy or even AI. It supports the Lifecycle Management (LCM) of the cloud network. It supports innovation in the network, with applications such as the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). It supports business success allowing a telco to understand if a network service is profitable. Most critically it supports strong security in the network.

But all of this is only achievable with a fundamental shift in the way CSPs manage telemetry data from the network.

In this report, Appledore looks at the practical need for observability, and the consequences of not having full observability in the cloud-native network. The key takeaway is that telcos should have a clear strategy for observability in their cloud-native network and the steps to achieve this change. However, this change can be evolutionary and is practically achievable by all telcos.

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Report author: Francis Haysom, Rahul Atri
Publication date: 12/09/2023
Number of pages: 9