“Often prescriptions on changing culture can be seen as “too hard” and ignored”

Observability is an important first step in allowing automation, security and innovation in the cloud-native network. It is also an important corrective step in enabling telcos to fully benefit from virtualization and cloud-based network solutions. However, openness with collaboration is a critical second step in allowing insights gained from that observability to both scale and deliver quickly. Sharing of data, insights, and solutions across the cloud-native network supply chain supporting all data-intensive processes, including security and the network software lifecycle.

This report looks at how openness and a culture of sharing both data and insights will be a driver of success with cloud-native telcos. This report identifies practical steps that telcos (and their vendors) can take to adopt openness. It is aimed at decision-makers in CSPs and their vendors who are adopting cloud and cloud-native approaches for networks, the cloud-native telco. The report looks at the need for openness (open-source principles and collaboration), on top of observability, in making this change. Interested readers should also see the sister report: observability beyond telemetry.

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Report author: Francis Haysom, Rahul Atri
Publication date: 02/10/2023
Number of pages: 9