[UPDATED MAY 2021] Nuage Networks is a business unit of Nokia and is one of the firms that originally commercialized SDN technology, initially for enterprise networking.  They have applied their SDN technology to enterprise datacenters/LANs, to NFV-I, and now to SD-WAN. With SD-WAN, Nuage primarily go to market via CSP partners.  In doing so they are showing synergies that benefit customers.

Unlike many others, Nuage is a purpose-built routing and networking platform, of which SD-WAN is one application.  This is important, because a) it puts Nuage in select company, and b) it means that Nuage supports all of the essential characteristics & benefit categories of SD-WAN, as Appledore define it.  Moreover, this means that they bring advanced routing and policy-driven security capabilities, and the ability to manage and secure across domains – potentially all the way from servers within an enterprise datacenter, through the WAN, into the public cloud, running natively, and even out to authorized mobile devices.  This end-to-end policy control and automation eliminates many potential performance and security holes.  Finally, it means that they can scale, both in software and in efficient traffic routing.

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Publication date: 21/05/2021
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