“No strategy for cloud-native, autonomous telecom networks can be complete without a consideration of the part that eBPF will play in telco.” – Francis Haysom

Its name may provide little or no clues as to its importance, but eBPF – extended Berkley Packet Filter – is one of the essential enabling technologies for telecom’s pivot to cloud-native and autonomous networks.

In this 10-page research note, Francis Haysom and Rahul Atri explain why a 10-year old opensource project is becoming quite so vital to the future of telecom networks, and next-gen network operations.

This research note is available free for current subscribers to our Observability & Network Data Management research module (logins required). 

Ask the Analyst
Report author: Francis Haysom, Rahul Atri
Publication date: 08/01/2024
Number of pages: 10