Blue Planet Inventory transforms operations at major CSP

The case study looks at how Blue Planet Inventory has transformed operations at a major CSP and enabled massive operational efficiency improvement and the introduction of new SD-WAN products.

“Blue Planet is the platform of choice for end to end data visualization across our organization”

A major US Communications Service Provider (CSP) was seeking to rationalize its multiple inventory solutions, to massively improve network operations efficiency and provide a strong foundation on which to launch a new SD-WAN offering. Using Blue Planet Inventory (BPI), the CSP was able to be the first to market with an SD-WAN offer in North America and has radically improved efficiency of its network operational staff across multiple domains: SD-WAN, IP transport and cable access. In totality, it was able to modernize its operations and save substantial costs by obsoleting its legacy inventory systems.

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Publication date: 04/09/2019
Number of pages: 14