OSS needs to change. It’s time for network operators to hit the productivity gym!

In this white paper we describe a modern, service-oriented management infrastructure, and specifically measure the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation portfolio and long-stated vision, against our documented recommendations for the future of OSS.

Much is at stake:

  • we estimate that automation can reduce the cost of many network operations by 95-99%;
  • that service demand intervals can fall by a similar percentage (weeks to minutes);
  • that by the latter half of this decade, the industry will be spending between $11B and $27B (median: $18B) annually on software to yield this automation.
  • many services are under competitive threat from public cloud vendors who have adopted these Sea Changes as part of their DNA and operate with a very low-cost structure.
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Publication date: 04/08/2020
Number of pages: 14