AWS is a top tier cloud supplier in the market and rapidly expanding its influence in the AI/ML market. It has more than 100,000 customers using AWS leveraging machine learning and increasingly Generative AI. A key initiative for AWS is to remove the barriers to entry for its customers in realizing better, faster, and cheaper outcomes because of advances in LLMs and more broadly machine learning techniques commercialized by AWS.

In this report we profile AWS overall GenAI offering strategy with a specific focus on Bedrock, now a central tool in the AWS AI offering, generally available since September 2023. We highlight key differences compared to its main rival, OpenAI.

We look at the market impact so far of AWS in telecom with GenAI, and provide a SWOT analysis.

Finally we make recommendations for CSPs exploring the potential of GenAI both for internal and external use.

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Report author: Patrick Kelly, Roman Ferrando
Publication date: 04/01/2024
Number of pages: 9