In this profile we look at how Accedian is building an active assurance capability, aligned with modern cloud native networks. Appledore Research were briefed on Accedian in Barcelona at MWC 2022 and as part of our work on the IBM Cloud Pak and Cisco Crosswork Solution Profile.

“Accedian are aiming to move testing beyond troubleshooting, to become an active continuous part of network services” 

Active assurance provides a powerful technique to understand the status and performance of the network. It simulates a network flow using active agents across one or many link paths measuring latency, delay, and throughput for the data session. This provides the performance metrics necessary to confirm a consistent service level and to provide a high degree of confidence on actual data plane traffic performance. This technique is superior to older performance monitoring systems that poll, collect, and infer network performance characteristics. It is also essential to manage and monitor complex services such as network slicing that deliver customized service quality tunnels to individual users and applications.

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Publication date: 01/06/2022
Number of pages: 12