Our updated and in-depth profile on Nokia Nuage’s SD-WAN solution is now available to interested subscribers and others.

The biggest player nobody’s heard of

When we last profiled Nuage, they were in the midst of launching their SD-WAN offer, building on their widely deployed SDN platform.  Yet, while it was an impressive foundation, Nuage’s messaging and differentiation was still messy.  We called it “the biggest player nobody’s heard about.”   20+ months later, Nuage seems to be hitting their stride and are clear about their niche and differentiation – which is, in brief:

  • Based on a purpose built and sophisticated SDN technology foundation
  • Lightweight and virtualized X86 edges
  • Extensive, multi-tenant portal and MSP branding
  • Radically cross-domain,and adding domains regularly
  • Emphasis on automated, consistent, cross-domain security

Aggressively embracing the reality of cloud, remote work and distributed apps and data

In particular, we find that Nuage is driving the benefits of SD-WAN (automated security, traffic steering, QoS/classification) across the broadest set of domains possible.  Their assertion, consistent with industry direction is that apps and data will become ever more distributed across the Cloud and across remote partners and workers – consequently the most effective platforms will embrace as much of that as possible, with the fewest domain discontinuities or work-arounds.

Read about Nuage’s direction latest capabilities, and our take on each, here.


Image courtesy of Joanie Cahill freeimages.com