Edge Collaboration seems to be taking off.  That’s a good thing.

Recently, we attended kick-off events for two related but complementary kinds of industry collaboration around edge cloud. Both were led by MobiledgeX, and both included a growing and diverse set of collaborators.  First is a set of partners, including MobiledgeX, Accedian, World Wide Technology, Stratecache, and VMware who are working to pre-engineer solutions and go to market together.  Second is an information-sharing effort, Seamster.io, that intends to help companies understand used cases, economics, business cases, best practices and general knowledge that can be applied to their success – but does NOT aspire to directly delivery commercial solutions.

A practical approach driven by knowing thy customer’s needs . . .

In our discussions with the principals of the effort, we were impressed with their knowledge of specific verticals, the use cases and proven needs (ones for which customers will pay, today) and focus on the business, allowing the technology to follow those needs.  We were also impressed with the goal to reduce risk for CSPs, while speeding availability of a meaningful footprint.

These are consistent with our long-standing recommendations.

We strongly support the need for industry collaboration – it focuses resources, speeds adoption, lower costs and results in well-vetted and generally better offers.  Readers can find more information on these efforts in our research note, here.  We plan a follow-up research note exploring the drivers for collaboration shortly.