“Uh oh there appears to be a problem”

On a conference call yesterday Zoom web conference failed, meaning that only dial in would work. Similarly my home broadband, is clearly showing speed degradation. The effect of making lot’s of people work or study from home (or stream video) during the day are all too apparent. My son and daughter are now expected to continue their studies using remote learning. I have worked at home for over 12 years and recognise this is not normal. Telecoms infrastructure at home is now centre stage in all of our lives.

People might actually value telcos.

My intention is not to moan, but rather to say that Telcos actually have a clear opportunity to redefine their value to a lot of people over the next few weeks. If they can step up too rapidly scaling the conference call platforms and their access connectivity (and clearly explain what they are doing and why) we could see a very different customer relationship and value in the future. Dare I even think that priority is given to collaboration platforms over streaming video, demonstrating the future value of network slicing.