EE 5G launch exposed problems in the traditional telco commercial model.

Test transmissions had ploughed through the data allowance on the Sim card, so it needed a top-up before Rory could go live on BBC Breakfast.

The BBC covered today’s launch of 5G by EE in the UK, using the EE 5G network for an outside broadcast.

Rory Cellan-Jones explained in his broadcast how a 15 minute delay in transmission was due to the 5G SIM card running out of data allowance. The all new 5G network still tied to the same old capped data usage business model. Irony is alive and well in UK telecoms!

By tying 5G to the existing CSP data usage business model, the only future for CSPs will be the continued commoditisation of connectivity (for all Gs).

Appledore this week blogged twice on the need for new business models for CSPs, more closely aligned with the customer value. The BBC outside broadcast continued by topping up a £54 a month SIM card, with a 10G data limit. By contrast the typical transmission costs for an outside broadcast are measured in thousands of pounds. EE, and the other networks deploying 5G, need to find a way of tapping into the bigger value of outside broadcast and other use cases.