Appledore Research Group is focused on what it takes to truly exploit the economic potential of the “telco cloud” – including SDN, NFV and XaaS.  We believe that these technologies enable — and demand — huge operational transformation that can yield huge benefits.  We also believe that this transformation extends well beyond today’s “MANO” and are documenting both the business and technology changes necessary.

As we complete our latest research on “Managing the Telco Cloud” (anticipated publication, May 2017) we are offering you, our subscribers and readers, free access to this explanatory video, and a free copy ($4,000.00 value) of our original report “Managing the Telco Cloud”.  The premise is simple: management changes impact the entire MANO/OSS/BSS stack, but more fundamentally, they impact how we think about network and service operations.

We hope you enjoy and profit from both of these resources.

Appledore Research Group


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